Is the headline half empty or half full?

by David Safier
The Star has done far worse with its headlines than this,but after I read the Star story this morning, I was amused to see a very different take in the NY Times headline.

The Star headline:

The New York Times headline:

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  1. This is almost as bad as that horrible “story” about TUSD hiring new Assistant Superintendents.

    The front page story was all about how the new Superintendent was advertising for 4 new assistants paying up to 130K during this time of cutbacks. Read just the front page stuff, and you would be certain that the new Superintendent was horribly tone-deaf to the current economic times.

    Then you get to three grafs in on page 4 and they casually sort of mention that ‘oh yeah’ these 4 positions are replacing 6 existing positions paid almost as much.

    But a headline “School District Consolidates Administrative Positions; Saves Money” doesn’t get front page play…