Is Vic Williams a Brewer Republican?

by David Safier

As I wrote the previous post, I remembered words I heard from Vic Williams, both when we talked before the March4Schools rally in Phoenix and when he spoke at a forum with Nancy Young Wright.

Williams made noises indicating that tax hikes were probable, if not inevitable, and he applauded Brewer's call for a voter referendum on tax hikes. He didn't say whether he was for or against repealing the $250 million property tax (though he's a cosponsor of the repeal legislation), but he did say it should be discussed as part of the budget talks, not separately. Brewer said the same thing recently. And when someone in a question during the town hall praised Brewer, Williams applauded.

This is worth watching. Williams sometimes sounds like a moderate masquerading as a conservative, and sometimes like a conservative masquerading as a moderate. As I wrote in an Explorer column recently, Williams must be a fan of old Bob Dylan, because his answers always seem to be blowin' in the wind. But maybe he's decided to hitch his wagon to the Governor.

4 responses to “Is Vic Williams a Brewer Republican?

  1. I predict that Vic Williams will continue to unimpress so many Republicans, Independents, Democrats and even Libertarians that he will not win re-election.

  2. Francine Shacter

    A man who says that “the most important thing is for me to remain relevant in my (Republican) caucus” has clearly stated his “deeply held principle”.

  3. Friday morning, when the Governor and legislative leadership were preparing to strip cities and towns of $17 million as part of the ongoing FY2009 budget revisions, Williams joined Democrats in working to protect the funds. Whether it was a short-term tactical maneuver on his part, or a deeply held principle, remains to be seen. As you say, definitely worth watching.

  4. Francine Shacter

    For the record, if anyone is interested, my opinion of Williams, which is based on the meeting of the CARE busload that went to Phoenix the beginning of March.
    He’s arrogant, doesn’t listen, looks down on those who don’t think just like he does, looks for ways to “zing” people who don’t think like he does. I weep daily that he beat Don Jorgenson, a man of consumate integrity – not to mention smart! I don’t want to “play games” with Williams past the next election. It is exhausting and not productive.

    Just my two cents!