It is a Sad State of Orwellian Affairs when broadcasting an accurate Weather Report is a Firing Offense.


Last week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued an unsigned statement relaying that the Liar in Chief was correct in asserting that parts of Alabama would be plagued by strong winds from the Dorian Hurricane.

Recent reporting by the Washington Post and New York Times have revealed that agency government-appointed heads at the NOAA were pressured by Administration officials, including the Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, that to go against the Popular Vote Losers statements about the hurricane’s path, may result in job losses for political appointees.

As if using a sharpie on a map to lie about the reality of the storm’s path was not scandalous enough.

It is a sad state of Orwellian Affairs when broadcasting an accurate Weather Report is a firing offense.

If accurate, Wilbur Ross needs to resign for furthering this disinformation campaign.

The chief scientist at the NOAA, Craig McLean, has signaled that he will initiate an investigation to verify if Administration officials violated agency ethics policies in forcing the publication of the unsigned statement backing the Liar in Chief.

There is no place in any government for public servants to spread false information to make the leader of the nation not look like the fool he is.

If a leader in a Democratic Republic makes a mistake, that person is supposed to be a mature adult and admit a mistake was made.

While this lie should not be surprising given the over 12,000 previous ones, it should also make even the KKK endorsed candidates staunchest supporters wonder “if he is going to lie about the weather, what else would he deceive us on.”

One only hopes his supporters will wake up and see the ride this huckster is taking them on.

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  1. Biggest inauguration crowd size, took credit for economic growth that want on for years under Obama, claims his 2016 win was the biggest ever (it’s actually 46th out of 58, near the bottom), lost the popular vote to a very unpopular candidate….

    12,000 documented lies since taking office and growing every day..

    So now he’s altering maps with Sharpies, because he thinks were all that stupid.

    I keep hearing that I’m being gaslit, by a master gasser at that, but all I hear is a man who’s every good at conning some folks, and very bad at everything else.

    I hope any Alabama voters who packed up granny and the family dog into the station wagon and moved to higher ground based on Trump’s Tweet remember that this man, who Number One Job is to protect Americans, is a danger to them and theirs.

    To be more accurate, his ego is a danger to them and theirs.

    Today we have Bolton leaving, the Kremlin spy story (which everyone should pay extra attention to), Trump lying about ties to a Scottish airport and having his Air Force prop up his money losing properties, and it’s only 10am in Arizona.

    Master gasser my a–.


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