In what could be a turning point in the upcoming Senate Impeachment Trial on Abuse of Power and Obstructing Congress against Donald Trump, former Administration National Security Advisor John Bolton has relayed that he would testify if subpoenaed by the Senate.

Mr. Bolton issued a statement, writing:


“….Accordingly, since my testimony is once again at issue, I have had to resolve the serious competing issues as best I could, based on careful consideration and study. I have concluded that, if the Senate issues a subpoena for my testimony, I am prepared to testify.”

It is time for all the Republicans in the Senate to put the Constitution and Country over loyalty to the unhinged Demagogue in the White House.

It is time for Senators like Susan Collins, Joni Ernst, Martha McSally, Lisa Murkowski,  Lamar Alexander, Cory Gardner, Mitt Romney, and Thom Tillis to rise to the occasion and pressure Political Prince of Darkness-Legislative Grim Reaper-Obstructionist in Chief-Enemy of the People-Moscow Mitch McConnell to issue a subpoena to Mr. Bolton and the other individuals with first-hand information on the Ukraine Matter.

As Democratic Presidential candidates like Amy Klobuchar have said, if Mr. Trump thinks he is so innocent, then he should not have a problem having Bolton, Pompeo, Mulvaney, or Duffy testify.

Republicans in the Senate, who have shown Individual One such blind devotion should want the witnesses to testify if they are confident that testimony will show the President’s innocence.

These Republicans should also want them to testify if they will show that the 2016 Popular Vote Loser betrayed his oath of office because all public servants, regardless of party, should want a President who is not a criminal.

It is time for Moscow Mitch to Subpoena John Bolton.