Legislative District Six Senator-Elect, Trump Zone Resident, and fringe reactionary former Air Force Pilot Lieutenant Colonel Wendy Rogers is already showing what embarrassing world views she would bring to the Arizona State Legislature when it convenes in January.

In a series of tweets, the extremist Rogers, a person who thinks there was massive election fraud in Arizona that hurt Donald Trump (but not her,)  protested the taking down of the statue of Robert E. Lee in Virginia, tweeting:


Congressional House District Seven Representative Ruben Gallego and many others have already responded to Colonel Rogers.

Please view the brief exchange between Rogers and Gallego.

Here is a news flash for Colonel Rogers.

Robert E. Lee was a traitor to the United States of American who disgraced his uniform by betraying his oath to the union. There was nothing patriotic in his actions during the Civil War. To say Mr. Soros and the Squad quartet love America less compared to Lee is asinine.

You can not rewrite that in the history books, no matter how much you subscribe to Trump Zone-Fox Island-Disinfowar-QAnon alt-reality fantasies.

Robert E. Lee and the other confederate traitors never deserved public statues and it was a mistake that they were constructed in the first place.

What were the voters in Legislative District (LD) Six thinking when they elected Colonel Rogers in her sixth try for elected office?

There was a perfectly viable Democratic Candidate in Colonel Felicia French who would have brought a sensible and governing perspective to the State Legislature based on inclusion, moving the state forward and reality.

While Lieutenant Colonel Rogers is tweeting how Donald Trump was robbed in Arizona and how great Robert E. Lee was, Colonel French is volunteering to help COVID 19 besieged Americans in the Navajo Nation.

Again, what were the majority of the voters in LD Six thinking?

With Rogers and Kelly Townsend joining the likes of Vince Leach and other fringe lawmakers in the upper chamber of the Arizona State Legislature, many should worry about the bizarre fringe legislative proposals that will come out of the Senate.

If Roger’s and Townsend’s actions and words following the election are any indication, this legislative session will be an exercise for the Democrats and the increasingly fewer Republicans in Arizona Government that still believe in reality and common sense in keeping the fringe elements at bay and stopping them from enacting any bill that harms innocent people.

Brace Yourselves. It is going to be a bumpy flight and the pilot, Colonel Rogers, looks like she is flying high altitudes without her oxygen mask.