Jane Poston Wants to Bring a New Vision to the Chandler City Council

Government Transparency

Public safety with a well-funded and staffed police force reinforced by mental health experts.

Providing an environment to grow small businesses.

Protecting the local water supply.

Safeguarding everyone’s civil rights.

A robust public school system that trains children for both college and the workplace.

Those are the forward positions businesswoman and community activist Jane Poston would bring as a member of the Chandler City Council.

Believing that success is grounded in building relationships, Ms. Poston wants to bring a vision to the Council that is based on:

“Meaningful collaborations between the City, local businesses, community groups, schools, non-profits, and our neighboring communities that are foundational to Chandler’s growth in economic success and quality of life for our families.

Based on my longtime experience and service to the city of Chandler, I believe I can help maintain this path to success.”

Ms. Poston graciously took the time to respond to questions about her candidacy.

The questions and her responses are below.

  • Please explain two reasons you want to run for the Chandler City Council.

“No matter what happens in this race, we’ll have two brand new people on the City Council and I’m uniquely positioned to bring a fresh perspective, combined with a professional background that will allow me to hit the ground running.  I’m a former city employee with an understanding of the budget, staffing, and the issues that are important in city government. I’ve also owned a small business in partnership with my husband for more than 22 years. So, I’ve also seen the city government from the other side of the fence. I think that combination will let me begin making a difference right away.

  • Please explain where at least two qualifications you have to serve on the council.

“I mentioned both my city and small business experience and I believe those experiences qualify me.  I understand budget and building relationships. For instance, I was President of the Chandler Education Foundation, and while the city doesn’t oversee education, workforce development is a critical issue for our city. During my tenure led the CEF board to work in partnership with the school district and stakeholders to move the organization from financial difficulty to financial stability.  CEF is still doing an amazing job of helping students to this day.    

I was the 2021 Chair of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce, working with a Board of Chandler executives in business issues for the city. And you don’t raise a family and run a small business for 22 years without knowing how to make smart financial decisions and plan for the future.

I think those are all skills that tie into what’s needed on a city council role.”

  • If elected, what are at least three issues you will focus on at the city council?

“Public safety staffing, the non-discrimination ordinance and government transparency.

Through my role as Chandler Chamber board chair, I worked with the board and staff as well as the business community asking that the city implement a non-discrimination ordinance. We met with Mayor and Council and worked with businesses in Chandler. In fact, my business was one of the many that wrote to the Council requesting the implementation of an ordinance. I believe this is a smart business decision, and quite frankly, the right thing to do.

Until last year, police had gone 13 years without adding a new position to their department. Think of the growth we have had over that 13-year period. Are we a safe community? Absolutely. But our police department has been redistributing efforts to patrol, which takes away efforts that could be addressed including mental health issues, crimes related to homelessness, financial crimes, sex trafficking, and internet crimes against children.  

Our department is woefully understaffed, and all of these items need attention.  It doesn’t do anybody any good to have police officers on the street who are tired and working overtime without reasonable time off to spend with their families

I want Chandler to stay the kind of community that my kids want to come back to when they get a little older when they’re ready to start their families. I want it to be safe. I want it to have great relationships with the schools and universities. I want them to be able to afford housing. I want us to be able to offer the jobs that my kids can come back and get. I think that goal is pretty similar to just about every family in Chandler.”

  •  Is there anything not covered in the first three questions that you want the readers or the voters to know about you and your candidacy?

Government transparency and communication with our residents would be a top priority for me as well. As an elected official, I believe you have a responsibility to respond to questions, communicate with the residents, and make sure that their voices are heard. 

Additionally, we should take every opportunity to include residents in the process. For example, the City budget process includes a final all-day hearing from every department director.  Allocation of the City’s budget is arguably the most important decision that the Council makes. And yet it’s not televised so our residents can see it.  Every department director is there to explain their budget, what’s their top priorities, and to make recommendations. It’s a very simple change and would give our residents great insight into details of the services Chandler provides them. If this were a staffing issue, it might be understandable, but that’s simply not the case.  I’d like to see more of a push to include residents in those types of decisions.

Jane is proud to be endorsed by many Community Leaders along with Firefighters, Police, and the Chandler Chamber.

See their testimonials on her website: https://www.janeposton.com/endorsements

For more information visit these pages, or contact her directly:

Email:     info@janeposton.com
Web:         www.janeposton.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JanePostonChandlerCityCouncil
Twitter:     www.twitter.com/janeposton
LinkedIn:   www.LinkedIn.com/in/janeposton

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