If people watch the videos and view the pictures of the January 6, 2021, Trumpist Insurrectionist Domestic Terrorist Attack, they would find that a sizable majority of the rioters did not wear masks to prevent transmission of COVID 19.

In addition to being an assault on Democracy, these Trump Zone seditious fanatics spearheaded a Coronavirus superspreader event.


According to reporting from CNN, Center for Disease Control Director Dr. Robert Redfield predicted the attack would be a “coronavirus surge event.”

Earlier today (January 10, 2021,) the Capitol Hill Physician confirmed that people were undoubtedly exposed to people who had Coronavirus during the attempted coup.

That possibility of spreading or getting COVID 19 did not seem to bother Know Nothing-Freedom Circus Chairperson-Coup Plotter Andy Biggs, Q’Anon zealot Marjorie Taylor Greene, and five other science-denying House Representatives who refused to wear masks when they were sheltered with their colleagues during the insurrectionist attack.

Please click here to watch the video.

These people are totally insensitive and inconsiderate jerks.

As David Hudnall of Phoenix New Times wrote:

“Even if you truly believed that masks don’t work, wouldn’t you probably just wear one in a situation like this to be polite and so that people wouldn’t hate your guts? Well — not Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs!”

Joan Greene, the Democrat who ran against Biggs in Arizona House Congressional District Five in 2018 and 2020, commented:

“I am sympathetic to the lawmakers who rushed to the safe shelter and did not bring their masks with them.

Some of those lawmakers, once they were safely in the shelter, may have realized they did not have their masks with them and thought they did not have access to one.

Fortunately, Rep. Lisa Rochester handed out masks to her colleagues to keep them safe from a virus that is not contained.

There is a video that clearly shows Rep. Lisa B Rochester handing out masks and you can see a gentleman asking for a mask.

Most alarming in the video are the lawmakers, including Andy Biggs, not taking a mask when she offered it.

His Community, the media, his colleagues, health experts have pointed out we can help contain the virus by wearing a mask. Biggs has been asked to be a good community member, a good colleague, and to lead by example with the simple act of wearing a mask.

He refuses.

In two short years, his district will have the opportunity to elect a person who will follow science, be considerate of their colleagues and neighbors.”

With COVID 19 levels surging and breaking 4,000 in daily fatality figures, people should not have to suffer Know Nothing- Science Denying-Coup Plotters like Andy Biggs and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The sooner they leave public service, the better for the people of Arizona, Georgia, and the United States.