Javier Ramos Reacts to the Latest Contemptible Behavior From Andy Biggs

As AZ Blue Meanie has already reported, Andy Biggs can not show common decency and respect to victims of the Uvalde mass school shooting by attending a committee hearing (of which he is a member) on the tragic incident.

That is in addition to recent revelations that one of the reasons Mr. Biggs does not want to testify before the January 6, 2021 Committee is because he would be questioned on how he participated in the events of that day and why he thought it necessary to ask Donald Trump for a pardon following the failed attempted coup at the Nation’s Capitol by Domestic Terrorist-Insurrectionists.

An educated guess may be that even if Mr. Biggs, and at least three like minded traitorous colleagues (Mo Brooks, Jim Jordan, and Scott Perry) did actually respond to Congressional subpoena’s and testify, committee members and the audience would hear a lot of witnesses taking the Fifth Amendment against self incrimination.

Javier Ramos, the Democrat running to unseat Mr. Biggs in the new Congressional District Five this election cycle, issued a reaction to the latest contemptible behavior from the fringe representative, writing:

“Why didn’t Andy Biggs show up in person for the Uvalde hearings? Could it be that he receives political contributions from gun pacs, such as the National Shooting Sports Foundation, that lobby against limits on high capacity magazines and the broad use of the term “assault weapon“?  Congressman Biggs loyalty is not to the citizens of our great nation but rather to the corporations that feed into his unfettered political desire to stay in power.  Corporations do not bleed nor do they feel. 
Mr. Biggs also made it clear on KTAR 92.3 that he will not attend the January 6 committee hearings nor listen to them.    We should not be surprised by Mr. Bigg’s detachment from these attacks.   This is not the Arizona we want.  We want our Congressional representatives to promote the general welfare and ensure domestic Tranquility.  Mr. Biggs has done everything in his power to do the opposite. 
In the next coming weeks we will find out if Mr. Biggs requested a pardon from President Trump and why. It is more appropriate for Mr. Biggs to ask for a pardon from the American people for his failure to stand up for America.”
Andy Biggs is an insult to public service. The sooner the people of CD Five recognize that and vote him out, the better it will be for the district, Arizona, and the nation.