Jeb Bush opposes SB1070

by David Safier

If you put 100 conservatives in a room, you'll get one liberal. This guy has an autistic grandchild, so he's for funding research on autism. This guy has a gay daughter, so he's for gay rights. This gal lives on the Florida coast, so she's against offshore drilling. Put all those single-liberal-issues together, and you'll have one liberal.

Latest example: Jeb Bush. He's married to a Mexican woman, so he sees the downside of racial profiling that is inevitable with SB1070. So he's against the law.

Jeb Bush, younger brother of former president George W. Bush, announced over the weekend that he does not support Arizona's controversial immigration law, saying that his half-Latino children might represent potential suspects according to the intended strictures of SB1070.

"It's the wrong approach," Bush, who is married to a Mexican, said Saturday at a National League of Cities convention in Denver, according to the Denver Post's report. "The net result is not much has been done."

It's good to have his voice out there, but I'm not impressed. Being conservative means working in your own limited self interest and forgetting about what other people need. Jeb is thinking of his self interest — his immediate family — so he's sticking to his conservative guns. Show me some progressive idea he supports which has no benefit for him. Then I'll give him some credit.

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