Jeff Flake’s “I support background checks” letter


by David Safier

Caren Teves, whose son Alex died in the Aurora movie theater shooting, sent a letter to Jeff Flake inviting him to her home to sit in her son’s chair and discuss guns. Flake responded saying he supports background checks. Later, he joined the Senate filibuster blocking the bill which would have passed in an up-or-down vote.

Think Progress published Flake’s handwritten letter to Caren Teves where he writes, “While we may not agree on many solutions, strengthening background checks is something we agree on.”

There’s something cruelly cynical about penning such a “caring” personal letter, then making sure the bill supported by a majority of the Senate and 90% of the country doesn’t pass, especially, when the reason Flake gave for voting against it is false.

(h/t to swimmom for the link.)