The Trump Zone residents are stirring again.

This time, the House Republicans, in an attempt to defend their Duce, otherwise known as Individual One, the 2016 Popular Vote Loser, the KKK Endorsed Candidate, and the President of the United States, are considering putting Trumpist-Tea Party Fanatic Jim Jordan on the Intelligence Committee when Impeachment Investigation Hearings go public next week so he can give a spirited defense to Mr. Trumps case.


Mr. Jordan, an Ohio Representative who has been suspected of ignoring multiple accounts of sexual abuse by a sports team doctor while he was a coach at Ohio State, has already said he wants to break whistleblower legal guidelines by subpoenaing the whistleblower who alerted the country about the Ukraine matter.

Democrats should welcome the participation of Mr. Jordan as an Early Holiday Gift.

Readers should watch Jordan’s questioning of Robert Mueller by clicking here or Michael Cohen here to see sort of gift having Jordan on the committee would be.

One could just see voters in the suburbs and those who lean independent flocking to the Democratic Party if Mr. Jordan makes an ass of himself the same way he demonstrated during the Mueller and Cohen hearings.

Democrats should be saying “Thank you” and “God Bless America” if the Republicans follow through and put Jordan on the Intelligence Committee next week.

Let him on the Committee, please.