4 thoughts on “Jo Holt: This Is Not the Time to Fold Our Tent”

  1. I’m in shock.

    I have always believed that the Democratic party elites played a very dangerous game, but I thought they were going to get away with it, just barely. The blame game should be interesting. Who will it be?Wikileaks? Bernie supporters? Gary Johnson? Jill Stein? Vladimir Putin? Social media? Millenials?

    This was the worst election of my lifetime.

    I’m still kind of amazed how the Democratic party rulers and faithful followers could be so deaf, dumb, and blind to what their own electorate was telling them. Remember those huge crowds that Bernie Sanders was speaking to?

    Naw, they thought they had this under control. “Hillary Clinton is uniquely qualified to be the president” they chanted endlessly. They hadn’t prepared for Bernie Sanders, but, as full believers in their own hype, their final solution to the Bernie problem was to squash him like a bug along with his supporters.

    Oh, but then there was the great coming together, the push for unity, the progressive platform that no one really believed in because, well, Hillary is not a progressive. She was pushed to the left but that didn’t actually count for much because the Democrats stopped talking about the progressive platform. They believed the most effective way to defeat Trump was to allow him to defeat himself. So, for months it has been, “Trump is a monster, racist, liar, misogynist, rapist, etc…”, all of which might be true but obviously does not win elections when employed as the core strategy.

    There was never a “Hillary coalition”. Hillary is not Barack Obama, she was not an inspirational candidate. She was the party’s pick, period. They were going to deliver the coronation that she was denied in 2008 and believed she was entitled to. To hell with the fact that the country has changed. Well, she’s had her run, and they have nowhere to go now except to either assign blame and/or plead for “unity”.

    The next time you hear the national anthem, do what Colin Kaepernick does, take a knee and weep for this country. Weep for what has been lost and outright squandered. Weep for those who will suffer, who will continue to suffer because political parties are so far removed from the realities of the lives of Americans that they cannot feel our pain or hear our cries.

    Well, now it’s a train wreck. No one even knows how bad this is going to be. The last gasp of white supremacy turns out to be more than a gasp.

  2. Well, I am as surprised as anyone. Hillary was not elected. I thought that was pretty much a given. I really didn’t want Trump in the White House, but I REALLY didn’t Hillary there. So I cast my one little vote for Trump, despite my belief it a lost vote. It turns out I wasn’t alone. It will be interesting in the post-election analysis to see if (as I suspect) a major factor in Trump’s success wasn’t so much people voting FOR him as people voting AGAINST Hillary.

    Despite what Trump may do, good or bad, it is refreshing to me knowing that the Nation will now move forward and leave the Clinton Machine behind. With both Bill and Hillary out of power, it will be interesting to see what their speakers fees drop to.

    • Is tyhe democrat Power Establishment going to let Bernie run it? Just because Hillary doesn’t mean they are still in charge.

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