John Huppenthal’s education budget priorities


by David Safier

Maybe it’s happened and I just haven’t heard about it. Has Ed Supe John Huppenthal ever lobbied the legislature to increase funding for schools? But there’s one thing Hupp wants enough to lobby his old friend Rep. Carl Seel — $17 million for his beloved computer database system. Forget about more money to teach our students. What Mr. Gadget wants is some cool new software.



  1. You do know that the ADE’s payment system to school districts is an outdated, technical mess that cannot be fixed. School districts are frequently months behind in payments from the State because of this system. So I don’t blame The Huppster on this one, it IS needed. There are few things I will agree with The Huppster on, and he is still flat wrong on so much in education but this is one I agree on. Seel is still a moron.