Jonah Goldberg’s Dream Team

by David Safier
I read this two or three times to make sure I hadn't missed any slyly whimsical or sarcastic tone. Nope. I hadn't. Jonah Goldberg said his choice for Pres/VP in 2008 would have been Dick Cheney and Phil Gramm. Really.

The entire paragraph is even better than my summary.

But here's the thing. One of the most important, yet most frequently violated, laws of punditry is that your own priorities and preferences aren't always relevant. I would love it if the GOP dedicated itself to cutting government by two-thirds, leaving only a minimal social safety net, a big honking military and a few other bells and whistles for promoting the general welfare. My ideal ticket in 2008 would have been Cheney-Gramm. That's right, Dick Cheney and Phil Gramm: two old white guys who would crush our enemies and liberate our economy while shouting, "You kids get off my lawn!" at the filthy hippies who would inevitably accumulate outside the White House like so much bathroom fungus.

Jonah Goldberg is syndicated columnist who opines in such middle-of-the-road papers as, say, The Star. I'm trying to think, is there a single columnist on the left with wide newspaper distribution who could come up with anything equivalent to this paragraph in sheer leftiness?

Dick Cheney, who never met a shooting war he didn't love, and Phil Gramm, who never met a business regulation he didn't hate. Quite a ticket.

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  1. Republicans like to claim they are the party of people pulling themselves up by the bootstraps and personal accountability. Yet many of their spokespeople are like Goldberg: they only got their positions because of inheritance and nepotism. Even their last great leader would have been just another drunk failed businessman if his name wasn’t Bush.
    Theirs is a rotten and incestuous ideology.