Trump Minion Kari Lake Wants to Break Up the F.B.I. and Secede from America

Kari Lake is giving interviews….in the alternative reality universe of Newsmax and Louder with Crowder and she is making news by further demonstrating how dangerous it would be if she was to accede to the Arizona Governorship this January.

In these interviews, the Trump Republican Gubernatorial Candidate advocates the disbanding of the F.B.I. following its court-approved seizure of documents from Trump’s residence at Mara Largo, saying on Louder with Crowder “absolutely”  and “one hundred percent, I agree,”  to his suggestions that the top law enforcement agency in the country be broken up.

Furthermore, she asserted the motto of the Confederacy “states rights,” stating “we are sovereign states. We are not serfs of the federal government. We created the federal government and now they’re like this big monster that’s taken over our lives and we’re going to push back here. Push on the tenth amendment…” 

During the interview, Ms. Lake repeated the science-denying hysteria of the Trumpist fringe right by maintaining that the CDC, during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic (which is still going on) was “trying to destroy our lives.”

Lake repeated the same themes and Trumpist talking points in her interview with Newsmax, stating:

“The federal government has become so corrupt and they have taken a step way too far in the wrong direction…This (The F.B.I. legally executing a search warrant to take potentially top secret documents related to this nation’s nuclear capacity from the former President’s residence after refusing to fully comply with a legitimate court-ordered subpoena,) shows that our federal government is corrupt to the core…This is the kind of stuff you see in a banana republic…We’re not going to let this continue to happen.”

Since the revelation that the federal agents took top secret documents from Mara Largo, including those concerning the nation’s nuclear capabilities, Ms. Lakes’ social media has been silent on the F.B.I. warrant.

The only noteworthy tweet is one saluting Marjorie “Jewish space lasers are causing California wildfires” Greene for filing impeachment papers against Attorney General Merrick Garland.

In other reported comments, the Trump Republican-Big Lie Subscriber suggested it would be a good idea for Arizona and other states to secede from the United States, saying “we must fire the federal government.”

The voice of the Confederacy again.

So much for being the party of law and order.

This reactionary and nostalgic approach to taking Arizona and the country backward is dangerous and extremist for the people of the Grand Canyon state and the nation.

Responding to Lake’s latest tantrums, Arizona Secretary of State and Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Katie Hobbs commented in a campaign released statement.

“Kari Lake’s dangerous push to abolish a key law enforcement agency would undermine the safety and security of every Arizonan and especially would devastate efforts to secure and strengthen our border. My plan would provide additional resources to law enforcement and our border communities who have been bearing the brunt of this crisis and work to end the lawlessness and chaos we’ve seen at the border for decades.”

The statement included all the ways the F.B.I. makes the state safer including:

  • “The FBI plays a critical role in securing our border by catching drug traffickers, stopping human trafficking, and partnering with Mexico to hold criminals accountable.
  • The FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center helps locate and detain suspected terrorists, like in Yuma.
  • The FBI’s Border Corruption Task Force stops corruption at the border, including in the Tucson Sector.
  • The FBI’s human trafficking program tackles sex trafficking, labor trafficking, and illegal domestic servitude.”

The November 8, 2022 election is in 87 days.

Voters should choose the candidate that supports law enforcement, will fund it at all levels and will work to stay part of the United States.

By her words, Dangerous Trump Republican Kari Lake has shown she is not that person.





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  1. “The 10th Amendment can and will save our Republic and the road to stripping the Feds of power travels right through Arizona,” Lake continued.” We knew that Kari Lake was a Big Lie election denier, and a MAGA/QAnon cult member, but also a “Tenther”?

    The Tenther movement is really a Neo-Confederate movement that wants to go back to the failed Articles of Confederation in which the states held all the power over a weak federal government. Its adherents espouse a political ideology that the federal government’s enumerated powers must be read very narrowly to exclude much of what the federal government already does. The Tenthers have been around for what seems like forever in this state.

    They have a problem, the Supreme Court has interpreted the Tenth Amendment such that the Amendment does not require a narrow interpretation of the federal government’s enumerated powers. Instead, the Court holds that the powers of the federal government derive from the states voluntarily surrendering part of their sovereign powers. This view was reiterated in United States v. Darby Lumber in which the Court stated that the Tenth Amendment “states but a truism that all [powers of the State Sovereign] is retained which has not been surrendered [by ratification of the Constitution and membership in the United States]”.

    In summary, members of the Tenther Movement believe that the Tenth Amendment should be interpreted as requiring that the federal government’s enumerated powers be construed narrowly. In contrast, the Supreme Court interprets the Tenth Amendment as a default rule. In the absence of enumerated federal power, each state is the supreme sovereign of its own territory, but that this rule has no bearing on interpreting the scope of an enumerated federal power (e.g. the power to make uniform bankruptcy law).

    Tenther movement,

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