Arizona voters need to know that Tom Horne, their Republican Nominee for Superintendent of Public Instruction, a position that by definition has the expectation of continually promoting inclusivity and safety for all children in all schools, is currently defending former Arizona State Legislator David Stringer, a known racist and a person convicted of sex offenses with children while he lived in Baltimore.

It is safe to say, Mr. Horne, with his public embrace of Mr. Stringer, has failed that test of whether he would promote inclusivity and safety.


Both this writer and AZ Blue Meanie have penned accounts of Horne’s deplorable and dangerous position over the last week.

At the Unite for Arizona rally for the Democratic Party, Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman called on the Arizona Republican Party to denounce Horne for defending the confirmed racist and sex offender.

The Superintendent continued her pleas on social media today (August 29, 2022,) posting:

Raquel Teran, the Chairperson of the Arizona Democratic Party expressed her support for Hoffman’s call, writing in a statement:

“The actions of the Republican Party and Tom Horne make my stomach sick. I’m joining my friend, Superintendent Hoffman in the call for the AZ GOP, and every single Republican candidate on the ballot to condemn Tom Horne and immediately withdraw their support of him. ” 

Teran is right.

Voter’s stomachs should be sick by the actions of Mr. Stringer and the blind support of Mr. Horne and the Arizona Republican Party to him despite his confirmed racist remarks and criminal record of harming children.

Voters in 71 days will have to decide whether they agree with Superintendent Hoffman when she rightly asserts that “you cannot run to lead our schools and also defend a racist  who pleaded guilty to sex crimes involving children.”

She is also right to say Horne should be disqualified for not disavowing Mr. Stringer.

It is actually disqualifying that he would even allow that individual, given his public record, to have a place in his campaign to begin with.

This should not be a tough decision for voters when they cast their ballots on November 8, 2022.