Kathy Hoffman Reacts to the Latest Revelations About Tom Horne Forgiving Attitude Toward Statutory Rapists and Fans of Pornography

Apparently, Tom Horne has a longer history of forgiving individuals accused of sexual assault and obscene behavior in addition to his tolerant track record and remarks regarding racist/sex offender David Stringer.

As reported by Dillon Rosenblatt and relayed by AZ Blue Meanie, Mr. Horne, from his time as a State Legislator and later as Superintendent of Public Instruction voted for:

  • Favorable sentencing terms for individuals convicted of statutory rape.
  • The reinstatement of an instructor’s teaching certificate who admitted to viewing pornographic material (including images of a minor) in a public school classroom.

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman reacted to the latest revelations about Mr. Horne, posting on social media:

Superintendent Hoffman is right. Some one who welcomes the support of racists/sex offenders while being leniant toward statutory rapists and forgiving of teachers who view child porngraphy in the classroom, should not be in a position to have influence over children and school safety protocols again.