The contestants have been decided for the 2022 Arizona Gubernatorial Election.

Former newscaster turned Rabid Extremist Big Lie Subscriber Trump Endorsed Republican Kari Lake defeated Cruella Extremist Big Lie Subscriber Trump Republican Karrin Taylor Robson for the 2022 Republican Gubernatorial Nomination.


Both the Katie Hobbs Campaign and the Arizona Democratic Party wasted no time in reacting to Lake’s nomination.

Secretary Hobbs issued a press release that conveyed:

“Kari Lake is dangerous for Arizona. Throughout her campaign, Lake has counted Nazi sympathizers and far-right extremists as part of her coalition. We know where she stands on the issues that matter most, vowing to ban abortion and reproductive health care, putting cameras in our children’s classrooms, and wasting taxpayer money relitigating the 2020 election and manipulating future elections if she doesn’t like the results.

“It’s time to move on from the 2020 election. Now it’s time to tackle the real challenges we have before us today – like rising costs, Arizona’s water crisis, our failing education system, attacks on women’s freedoms, and the skyrocketing cost of housing. We need leaders who will look to the future, not conspiracies of the past.

“This race for governor isn’t about Democrats or Republicans. It’s a choice between sanity and chaos. And it’s about electing a leader who will govern with vision and strength. I’m confident Arizonans will reject Lake and her embarrassing sideshow, and we will win in November.”

From Ballotpedia

Arizona State Democratic Party Chair Raquel Teran wrote:

“This bitter primary race that fractured the Republican Party on a local and national level has finally come to an end and the result is a nominee who has taken an extreme position on abortion, elections, guns, and more. Arizona is at a crossroads with this election and the next governor needs to be ready on day one to tackle serious issues like the rising cost of living, our drought, addressing our school funding crisis and teacher shortage, and more. It’s clear from this primary that Kari Lake utterly and completely fails to meet this moment. We need a governor with a vision and one who will fight for Arizona, and Lake is not that governor.”

In this contest between Secretary Hobbs and Ms. Lake, the contrast between the two candidates can not be more clear.

Hobbs believes in Democracy, reality, a woman’s right to choose, civil rights for everyone, funding public schools, lifting people up, endeavoring to solve problems, and moving Arizona forward.

Lake believes in the cult of Trump, the Big Lie of 2020, Republican extremism in most policy areas,  and elections are ripe with fraud if she is not the winner.

November 8, 2022, is 96 days away.

The mission of the Hobbs campaign is to now use their Solutions Can’t Wait Tour to convince as many independents and disaffected Republicans to join with the Democrats in their cause so Ms. Lake and her deluded followers never set foot on the ninth floor at the State Capitol in January 2023.