Kavanagh has a sensitive side

by David Safier
Awhile back, in a post titled, Is Kavanagh somewhat warped?, I linked together a few sneering "It won't kill you" comments he made, referring to people who complained about cuts to education. At the end, I wrote,

This is a man who makes fun of people who are in pain. He's the school yard bully who knocks down a smaller kid, then says, "Hey, I didn't kill you, don't be such a crybaby!" And stands there and laughs. "Hey, little baby, go ahead, cry some more. Why don't you call your mommy?"

My experiences with bullies is that they tend to be babies about any pain that's inflicted on them. They have a sensitive side, when it's their own skin. In preschool, the kid who constantly pushes and shoves is the first one to yell, "Teacher, Johnnie stepped on my toe!"

That's how I interpreted Kavanagh's comment during yesterday's budget battles.

"I guess it's great to be a Democrat in a situation like this," Rep. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, said derisively of the move to restore some funds.

That's a "Poor me" statement if I ever heard one, dressed up as a dig. "Teacher, tell Krysten and David to stop picking on me!"

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  1. Said Kavanaugh: “I guess it’s great to be a Democrat in a situation like this,” he said. “Democrats, unfortunately, are myopic. They don’t see beyond the current year. They don’t see 2011.”

    I’m thinking Democrats do see 2011 pretty well. I’m hoping what they see is a Democrat sitting in District 8’s seat so they can untangle this mess he’s helping to make.