Apparently, in Legislative District 16 State Representative’s Kelly Townsend’s world, teachers are not the only people that should mind their tongues.

It appears everyone else has to as well if they exercise their freedom of opinion and expression if it is an attack on a position she has.


The latest controversy stems from Ms. Townsend contacting (complaining to) the employer of a concerned citizen who had posted on Facebook that the LD 16 Representative and Peoria State Representative Ben Toma, after being caught on a live microphone speaking of recriminations against State Senators Paul Boyer and Heather Carter for holding up the budget until Boyer’s legislation extending the rights of child assault victims was considered, “favored child molesters.” Ms. Townsend contacted the person who posted the comments employer and demanded an apology for the comments placed on Facebook. The person in question has removed the comments (too late in the cyber world with screenshots which the LD 16 representative took) but has not issued a public apology.

While it is certainly understandable that Ms. Townsend should feel upset about the comments of her “favoring child molesters,” we expect, as other columnists like Elvia Diaz of AzCentral have pointed out, our public servants to have a “thicker skin” when it comes to criticism which unfortunately comes with the job description of serving in the legislature. Our elected officials should be able to take the criticism from opponents as well as reap the praise from supporters. Citizens should not expect reprisals for what they say or write in social media in a Democracy. That these reprisals probably occur in more subtle ways than what Representative Townsend did is wrong and should be also condemned when they happen.

Ms. Townsend’s behavior is eerily similar to the 2016 Popular Vote Loser who currently resides in the White House as Individual One who goes on a tweet rampage every time someone comments on one of his statements or actions. His juvenile attitude is bad for the country as Ms. Townsend’s is for the district.

Some advice for Ms. Townsend. Donald Trump is not a role model you want to emulate.