Kilauea volcano ignites first home in Pahoa, Hawaii (photos) – updated


The lava flow from Pu’u O’o vent of the Kilauea volcano from the Hawaii Volcanoes National park crossed Apa’a Street near the town of Pahoa on Saturday October 25. Moving about 250 yards/day it then covered a Buddhist cemetery, and about noon today ignited the first home in its path, moving in a NE direction towards the town and the Pacific Ocean.  The residents of this home evacuated before the lava approached, upon orders from the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency. This home is near Apa’a Street and the Pahoa Transfer Station (which has been closed).  Apparently the owners of this home already relocated to another part of the island, so the house has been vacant for a while.  The front of the flow is about 480 feet from Pahoa Village Road, and has been installed in that area for over a week.


House with red roof is in the background as the lava burns the roadway.
House with red roof is in the background as the lava burns the roadway.


Photos courtesy of journalist Melika Lincoln, of Hawaii News Now, who is covering this eruption. More photos and links to videos following —



My previous report when the lava first crossed Apa’a Street:

Photos of first destruction of road mauka (towards the mountains) of Pahoa village:

Molten lava is 2000 degrees F and will approach buildings and set fire to them, and ultimately burn them down, or cover them with lava (which cools & becomes solid rock). Usually Kilauea volcano erupts in the national park, but it can erupt outside the park as well as it did in 1960 when it destroyed a small village of Kapoho (to the northeast of Pahoa). In the 1990’s the lava flowed down from Pu’u O’o vent to the Pacific Ocean and numerous flows reached the village of Kalapana and the Royal Gardens subdivision. Over 100 homes were slowly destroyed, one by one. Previous flows in that area also destroyed (burned & covered over) the wooden Wahaula Visitor’s Center and Hawaiian heiau (rock temple) at Wahaula.

More evacuation orders will be issued if the lava flow continues into the town of Pahoa, endangering businesses and more homes.  There are several other homes in this vicinity of the Pahoa Transfer Station.

Stayed tuned for further updates and more photos.


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