Kirsten Engel and Ruben Gallego Release New Campaign Ads

From NBC News

The very watched Kirsten Engel House Campaign and Ruben Gallego Senate Movement have released new ads in the last week to appeal to voters in the upcoming November elections.

In the Engel ad, called “Who IS Juan Ciscomani,” she goes after her opponent, Juan Ciscomani for supporting an Ultra-Right Christian Nationalist organization called The Patriot Academy.

In the ad, the Engel campaign has brought forth that this “Academy” seeks to:

  • Rewrite the Constitution to reflect right-wing Christian sentiments.
  • Tear down the wall separating Church and State.
  • Abolish same-sex marriages.
  • Ban abortions.
  • Provide children as young as 11 training on how to kill.

Ciscomani, a member of the “Academy” Board of Directors, is quoted in the ad as saying, “Nothing in life has given me a clearer direction.”

The narrator further asserts, “Juan Ciscomani has spent his whole adult life pushing Patriot Academy’s far-right views so it’s no surprise that he’s acting on them in Congress. He thinks politicians should be able to make reproductive decisions for women and votes to restrict abortion rights.”

The ad closes with:

“It’s disturbing and dangerous. Juan Ciscomani is too extreme for Arizona.”

The Gallego ad, called, “What Arizona Really Needs,” stars Santa Cruz County Sheriff David Hathaway. It has a video of him and later Representative and Senate Candidate Ruben Gallego surveying the Arizona/Mexico border.

Saying “Both parties created it (the border crisis) and neither has the guts to fix it,” Hathaway praises Representative Gallego, conveying that the Senate Candidate “Has stood side by side with me.”

Hathaway then offered that Gallego is “The only member of Congress that has come regularly to my border and he’s fighting for solutions, better technology, and more manpower so people like me can do our jobs.”

The Sheriff closed with:

“He doesn’t care who gets the credit. He’s just focused on what Arizona really needs.”

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