Speaking on the issues with Tucson Mayor Regina Romero.

Believing that “every child who grows up in Arizona should have the opportunity to find a good-paying job, raise a family, and get ahead,” former Arizona State Legislator Kirsten Engel is running to be the new House Representative in the new Arizona Congressional District (CD) Six, an area that includes much of Southern Arizona including all or parts of Tucson and Nogales and the counties of Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, Pima, and Pinal.


A parent, educator, and specialist on water issues, she pledges to fight for Arizonans and “Arizona values.”

If elected, she will fight to:

  • Protect a woman’s right to choose. It should be noted that her Republican opponent, Juan Ciscomani, would not.
  • Protecting the environment, transitioning to clean energy, and helping to solve the regional water crisis.
  • Promoting an economy that lifts everyone up.
  • Expanding access to affordable, high-quality healthcare.
  • Strengthening Social Security and Medicare. Have readers seen the Republican plans for those two vital programs?
  • Common sense gun safety laws. It should be noted that her opponent, Mr. Ciscomani, does not appear to share this goal.
  • Protect civil rights including the right to vote. Again, her Republican opponent does not seem to share this sentiment.

Some recent polling shows the former state legislator leading her Republican opponent.

Former State Legislator Engel graciously took the time to discuss her candidacy for the new Arizona CD Six Seat.

The questions and her responses are below.

  • Please list at least three reasons they should vote for you over your opponent.

“I trust women to make their own healthcare decisions, including the right to an abortion.  This is a fundamental right and should be protected as it was protected under Roe versus Wade.  My opponent, Juan Ciscomani, cheered the overturning of Roe v. Wade. He favors a state ban on abortion, favors putting doctors in jail for providing basic healthcare, and he strongly opposes same-sex marriage.

My Republican opponent’s extreme views on abortion and same-sex marriage just demonstrate his affinity with the other extreme candidates on the Republican ticket in November. These candidates are wildly out of step with the voters in Arizona and this district. The Republican’s nominee for Secretary of State keeps a “Treason List,” their candidate for governor wants to defund the FBI, and their candidate for U.S. Senate – running for the seat long held by John McCain – favorably quoted the Unabomber.  My opponent has never disavowed these candidates or their extreme positions. He is one of them.

Finally, I am a long-time member of the Southern Arizona community who has been elected three times to represent this community in the Arizona legislature. Voters in this district know me and trust me. I have developed close ties to voters and citizen groups throughout this district as a result of my service in the Arizona House and Senate.”

  • Please advise what are at least the three main issues in the congressional race. Please explain.

“Returning to women our right to make our own healthcare decisions, including the decision to have an abortion.

Securing our water future in view of an unprecedented and ongoing drought being driven by climate change.

Bringing down the costs of inflation for all Arizonans.

Protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare.”

  • Please describe your campaign strategy to reach voters in the new CD, including convincing independents and disaffected Republicans to vote for you.

“We are going to continue to show up in every corner of this district and speak to voters just as we did in the primary, from the Southern part of the state to Casa Grande, from Wilcox to Oro Valley and Saddlebrook, and everywhere in between. We plan to personally engage and talk with at least a hundred thousand voters in this district through door-to-door, canvassing, phone banking, and texting. We are proud that we will be joining the Coordinated Campaign next week.”



  • Is there anything not covered in the first three questions that you would like the voters to know about you and your candidacy? Please explain.

“I’m ready to work hard to represent the needs and concerns of the people of this district in Washington, D.C. We have a lot of work to do to reach as many voters as we can. I welcome your support!”

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