Ladies and gentleman, we have ourselves a Scarp


by David Safier

Since Daniel Scarpinato, ex-reporter and current political operative, migrated to D.C. to work for the NRCC, Scarp sitings have become less frequent. But we have one today, courtesy of the voter suppression efforts by the Martha McSally campaign.

A "Scarp," by the way, is a logic-challenged rant by Daniel Scarpinato.

Today's is a doozy. Wiping out the votes of 130 citizens who live in a heavily Hispanic area of Cochise County (and whose votes likely favor Barber by a wide margin), according to the Scarp, is actually "safeguarding the accuracy of the result." Here's the statement.

Every voter has the right to an election that is free of ballot tampering. With today’s outcome, all legally cast ballots will be counted while at the same time safeguarding the accuracy of the result.


  1. If you read the pleadings, no one alleged “ballot tampering” by poll workers, only that the conditional ballot envelopes were not sealed. This talentless hack Scarpinato suggests a claim of election fraud where none exists, something the right-wing noise machine of which he is a part has long done to attack the legitimacy of elections. What a prick.

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