Las Adelitas Arizona endorsements for 2014


Las Adelitas Arizona is proud to announce the endorsement of the following candidates (from their FB page):

LD 2
Senate: Andrea Dalessandro (D)
House: Rosanna Gabaldon (D); Demion Clinco (D)

LD 3
Senate: Olivia Cajero-Bedford (D)

LD 4
House: Lisa Otondo (D); Charlene Fernandez (D)

LD 9
House: Randall Friese (D)
House: Victoria Steele (D)

LD 10
Senate: David Bradley (D)
House: Bruce Wheeler (D)
House: Stefanie Mach (D)

LD 11
House: Holly Lyon (D)
Senate: Jo Holt (D)

Fred Duval

Secretary of State
Terry Goddard

Attorney General
Felecia Rotellini

Superintendent of Public Instruction
David Garcia

Corporation Commission
Sandra Kennedy

Las Adelitas Arizona general membership met on Sunday, July 27th and voted on endorsements for the 2014 election cycle.

Las Adelitas Arizona is an organization committed to engaging Latinas in the political process, advocating for Latinas and their families in the political arena, and supporting progressive issues. In addition to endorsing candidates, Las Adelitas’ members volunteer for their campaigns.

More about Las Adelitas Arizona at their webpage:

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