Laugh freely with Laughing Liberally, before the 2016 General Election (new location)



They’re back…after a brief hiatus. Laughing Liberally Tucson Comedy Showcase is back, in time for the General Election of 2016, to lampoon U.S. Presidential candidates Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, the first woman nominee for President.  Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein are also running.

These stand up comic guys/gals were at Sky Bar for a year, then moved to Club Congress for a few months, and are now appearing on October 23, at their new location The Flycatcher (SW corner of E. 6th St. and N. 4th Avenue) — formerly Plush bar, 340 E. 6th Street.

I repeat….vote wisely on or before November 8, 2016. Early Arizona voting started on October 12, 2016, so don’t delay if you want to vote early.  This is no laughing matter.  Your vote does count (or does it?).

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  1. Another LL show but first time being recorded for new venture “Creative Tucson”. MC Mo Urban (a woman), joked about “fending off Trump supporters” for D.V. month, hoping to “grow talons” to fight off male predators. Then Valerie from spoke of “United Against Hate” campaign to stop Trump, stop hate. First comedian up was disabled Jon Jon, who was stoked that Trump showed that “handicapped can do anything”, questioned why we need to vote esp. on Taco Tuesday. He joked that Trumps wives were not paid being as Trump did not file any income taxes. He said that Trump was “a child of John McCain & Sarah Palin”.
    Then Dave Margolis said that the audience was “rigged” with the election coming. Melania Trump was born in “Stepford, Slovenia”, that Trump’s campaign was like the Cheers TV Show. He claimed to be a poet, talking about “I Love Tucson” (the piles of sand, gravel, unbiquitous cacti), having the “hots” for Tucson.
    Dina Miller & Janet Valencia then got on the stage to inform us about their new group “People Demanding Action”, yes on Prop. 206 meeting tomorrow at Woods library. Also a college student walk out planned for Nov. 2nd to protest student debt.
    Randy Ford followed, born in Alabama and “sounding dumber than you”, wondering “where was white privilege when you need it” while he was in jail recently for a DUI. He spent 8 hours with “degenerates”, had been objectified as a skinny white dude, that “jail sucked”. He even talked about his racist grandmothers who were afraid he would shame them by attending a Black Lives Matter protest in town.
    Andrew Conlogue has voted early for Hillary, but didn’t like it, though he reassured us that Hillary would “be fine” repeatedly. Hillary is like a regular politician/nut bag, he claimed, who wants power, that Donald had “almost said something perceptive by accident”, was like Hitler. He went on to talk about Kaiser 1st (a secret Muslim?) of Germany, nephew of Queen Victoria of England.
    Then Cohost Phil Gordon spoke about this being a meeting, then about wikileaks. He said that Trump actually listened to Republican advice (the Vagina Monologues). Bernie’s campaign had made it “cool to be old, bald and Jewish”. Phil also joked about the Presidential primaries, the two conventions, the recent debates, had hoped for a Democratic candidate that combined all qualities of the candidates.
    Alex Kack, another cohost defended Donald Trump as “not being Ted Cruz”, that he didn’t even want to be in the dark with Cruz (in an alley). Bernie was “like Jesus”, also a carpenter. As for local politics he said that Sheriff Joe Arpaio may lose, so it would be now safe for non white people to travel north to Flagstaff. Alex disliked Dr. Ben Carson, Republican Pres. candidate for his stupidity and finally told the audience to “Just vote!”
    Last but not least was Josiah Osego who said he wanted to talk about “alternatives” in the election, to hate less people, since many hate both candidates. He didn’t “trust” Hillary, that she was “shady”. He thought that legalizing marijuana in Arizona would raise property values. Josiah didn’t care to vote, hasn’t seen any direct benefits from a President. Finally he joked (maybe) about his phobia of sharks in the ocean, that sharks like “dark meat” since he is a Black American, that a baby shark would be told to “clean his plate” by chomping further on him in the water. He also talked about his crack head/violent father who made him pay $20 for the entrance fee at Josiah’s first Laff’s Comedy Show, then skipped out on his $45 food/drink bill, but that “father knows best” after all. (Josiah got his pay for that performance and didn’t pay his father’s bill either).
    In attendance tonight: LD 3 House Green party candidate Edward “Trey” Cizek III and former Green Party Mayor & Sheriff’s candidate Dave Croteau.

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