Did you know Michelle Urgenti-Rita, Joseph Chaplik, and John Kavanagh were on the ballot for the LD 23 State Senate and House seats this year?

Voters who watched the LD 23 Clean Elections Debate on September 1, 2020, would not have.


None of the Republican candidates thought it worthwhile to show the voters what they thought about the issues of the day.

None of them had the courage to debate ideas with the two Democrat Nominees (Senate Candidate Seth Blattman and House Candidate Eric Kurland) who did attend the event.

LD 23 State Senate Democratic Nominee Seth Blattman and LD 23 State House Democratic Nominee Eric Kurland; photo from Seth Blattman

Please click below to watch the Democratic Nominees discuss the issues.

The three Republican nominees who wimped out of the debate do not deserve the support of the voters they take for granted and clearly do not value.

Commenting on the debate and the lack of Republican attendance, Eric Kurland stated:

“I am always happy for any opportunity to speak to the community about my campaign and my vision for a stronger Arizona. It’s incredibly important we elect strong leaders who will do the work of representing all of us and make the tough decisions that need to be made to protect our health, our economy, and our future. That’s just one of many reasons I am disappointed my Republican opponent, Joseph Chaplik, a virtual unknown, didn’t take the opportunity to defend his regressive views. Many Republican voters, and especially Independents, have grown tired of the extremists rising up in the Republican Party, and I think it’s part of his campaign strategy to continue hiding from voters to avoid having to answer for his extremism. I will always do whatever I can to connect with the voters in my district, and that means I will accept any debate invitation Mr. Chaplik wishes to extend.”

Seth Blattman relayed:

“It’s a shame my state senator couldn’t be bothered to show up to answer questions from her constituents. I understand it’s not easy to defend her legislative record but she nevertheless has a responsibility to voters. On the bright side, viewers got to listen to a discussion between two people who are genuinely interested in representing the people of LD23 and their interests. After hearing our plans to work across the aisle to improve education, bounce back from COVID, and reform government, voters have a clear choice. Do we want more of the same career politicians or do we want a problem solving small business owner and a dedicated teacher?”

The last sentence by Mr. Blattman is on point.

“Do we want more of the same career politicians or do we want a problem solving small business owner and a dedicated teacher?”

Furthermore, the voters in LD 23  should ask the question: what are the names of the public servant candidates who are not afraid to discuss their positions on the issues with them?

Ms Ugenti-Rita, Chaplik, and Kavanagh have proven they are not the answers to any of those two questions.

Please remember:

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