LD16 Republican Candidate Forum on Aug 2… could be interesting

LD16 Republican Candidate Forum? I can see your raised eyebrows. Well, yes, this topic seems a bit far-afield from my usual subjects, but it could be interesting.

This primary pits businessman and freshman Representative John Fillmore against State Senator Rich Crandall, who moved to LD16 to avoid running against his "nemesis" (according to Sonoran Alliance) ousted Senate President Russell Pearce.

Who cares? Well, given the sponsor– Children's Action Alliance– it's a good opportunity for some education/child activist types to go ask tough questions of these two. 

TOMORROW NIGHT [August 2, 2012] the Children’s Action Alliance is hosting a Republican Candidate Forum. Here is the information from the American Friends Service…

As you may have heard, there is a hotly contested primary race between Republican candidates Rich Crandall and John Fillmore. Crandall has been Chair of the Education Committee, hence the involvement of Children’s Action Alliance. You can expect that the forum will therefore focus on children’s issues and education, but there is definitely an angle there—the budget tradeoffs between prisons and education.

I asked if I could submit a question electronically, and they didn’t make any promises as to whether or not it would be put to the candidates. Therefore, I will paste it here, in case any of you are able to go—feel free to ask it in person:

“There is a direct budget tradeoff in Arizona between prisons and higher education. As the Corrections budget has grown, the share of general funds going to state colleges and universities has shrunk proportionately. Corrections now eats up almost 12% of the general fund, and was the only agency that saw a budget increase last year. Now, the state wants to give out a contract to a for-profit prison corporation build 1,000 more prison beds, even though the prison population is dropping. Do you support spending state dollars to build private prisons we don’t even need at the expense of education and other important services?”

Here’s the info on the forum:
Legislative District 16 Candidate Forum
Thursday, August 2, 2012 Forum will start promptly at 6:00 p.m. for the House 7:15 p.m. for the Senate the CENTER at Empowerment Systems2066 W Apache Trail #104 Apache Junction, AZ 85120
Audience members will be provided an opportunity to submit questions to the moderator and to meet the candidates before and after the forum. Apache Junction City Councilwoman Robin Barker will be the guest moderator. Beverages and cookies will be provided
For more information call Children’s Action Alliance 602-266-0707 http://santanvalleytoday.com/pages/?p=23370


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  1. The new beds are to relieve overcrowding, which I assume you believe needs to be corrected.

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