LD-27 rally against ed cuts Saturday; Organizing for America Listening Tour Monday, Tuesday

by David Safier
Here are a few things you might want to be a part of. First a protect education rally Saturday.

Democratic lawmakers from District 27 in partnership with the Tucson Education Association will hold a rally Saturday in Tucson to support and protect education and jobs. 

Rep. Olivia Cajero Bedford, D-Tucson (District 27) invites students, parents, teachers, administrators and the general public to attend and support education at the SPF (Student Protection Factor) 2009 Rally. The SPF rally advocates for S- Save our teachers, P-Protect our children and F- Fund education.
 When: Saturday, May 2, 10 to 11:30 a.m.
Where: Joaquin Murrieta Park, 1400 N. Silverbell Road

Then a 3 stop listening tour in the Tucson area by Organizing for America Monday and Tuesday. The group, which says it is "the Democratic National Committee's (DNC) grassroots project to support President Obama's agenda," has a field director in Arizona, Sara El-Amine, and she's holding events across the state.

The overall purpose is to continue to engage our supporters in a dialogue about the issues most important to them – at a national level (healthcare, energy, education, etc.) as well as issues specific to their own communities. And to continue providing them with the tools they need to keep these conversations going across kitchen tables, on front porches and in their own neighborhoods. The events will also serve as an opportunity for local supporters and volunteers to meet our newly-hired field director for Arizona and offer ideas about what organizing approaches might work best in their communities.

Here are the specifics about the three Tucson area events.

  • Monday, May 4, 4-6pm, UA Ventana Room, 4th Floor, Student Union Memorial Center, 1303 E. University Blvd.
  • Monday, May 4, 7-9pm, Pima Community College, Northwest Campus Community Room, 7600 North Shannon Road.
  • Tuesday, May 5, 7-9pm, Pima County Community College– Amythest Room, 1255 N. Stone Ave.

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  1. Sounds like Janet should be informed of this right wing extremist group that thinks it can do things better than Government can!

    Remember Obama is the only one who knows the way;the rest of us are as he put it ;”Babbeling!”