#LD9 Vote: Got Your Ballot But Can’t Decide? Read This! (video)

Pamela Powers Hannley
Pamela Powers Hannley at Clean Elections debate

Once the Secretary of State has decided who has enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot, candidates are flooded with endorsement questionnaires from Political Action Committees (PACs) and informational questionnaires from media outlets and the Clean Elections Commission. For the most part, the goal of the PAC questionnaires was to determine which candidates would vote to allow that PAC to keep whatever tax breaks or favors it is currently receiving; to obtain new financial favors; to renew them; to secure votes on specific issues; and/or to determine who will receive PAC money. (When you see a long list of endorsement, rest assured there are promises behind each endorsement.)

I am proud to announce that I have received endorsements from five groups. These groups are aligned with my values of promoting public health and equality for women and other groups that are often discriminated against. Since I am a Clean Elections candidate, I have received their support but no PAC checks.

  •  Arizona Nurses Association
  • National Association of Social Workers, Arizona Chapter
  • Arizona Women’s Political Caucus
  • National Organization for Women, Arizona Chapter
  • Arizona List (on the list)

But this blog post isn’t about endorsements. It’s about candidate questionnaires. This week, AZCentral (AKA the Arizona Republic) has released its Voter Guide which contains candidate answers to their very lengthy and comprehensive list of questions. More after the jump…

The guide is broken down by race, and it allows side by side comparisons of candidate answers which range from education funding to gun control to marijuana legalization to your favorite book or movie.

The LD9 race has three Democrats (who are running in the August primary): Randy Friese, Matt Kopec and me (Pamela Powers Hannley) and one Republican: Ana Henderson (who two of use will face in November). Unfortunately, many candidates– including most incumbents– didn’t take the time to answer AZ Central’s questions. Friese and Henderson are among the no-shows. Kopec and I did answer the questions, and there is a stark difference in how we answered and what we said.  If you are undecided in the LD9 race, I encourage you to read our answers.

Here is a link to the LD9 match-up with our answers:

Powers Hannley vs Kopec Answers

If you are in a different LD– for example LD10 or LD2 where there are also contested primaries– check out those candidate answers by scrolling through this list of all of the races:

Voter Guide: All Races

LD9 voters have had many opportunities to learn about the three Democratic Party candidates. There have been two debates/forums (Clean Elections and Nucleus Club), one TV interview, one radio interview, an interview in the Arizona Daily Star, public candidate questionnaires posted by the Capitol Times and AZ Central., and, of course, the printed voter guide that was mailed to everyone by the Clean Elections Commission.

Please take a few minutes to learn about us and please vote in August and in November! Thanks for your support.

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3 thoughts on “#LD9 Vote: Got Your Ballot But Can’t Decide? Read This! (video)”

  1. And candidates and reps who have endorsements from other groups are aligned with them but you said that they had to give promises for their endorsements. You don’t know that. Did you say that because your groups approached you and required promises? I doubt it.
    My point is that if you get elected and expect to be respected by other members, don’t disrespect us by saying that we exchange endorsements for promises. It rarely works like that.
    But don’t worry. I’m probably the only R in the legislature who reads this blog and I just think you misspoke on that one. It happens.

  2. “…rest assured there are promises behind each endorsement” is a pretty damning indictment. Any facts to back such a definitive statement up?
    Also, in the interest of transparency, how did the groups that endorsed you get you to promise things and what did you promise?

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