League of Women Voters of Arizona opposes Prop. 123


lwv_logo“LWV of Arizona takes position in OPPOSITION to PROP 123
The Voters passed Proposition 301 in 2000, which the Executive Branch of the State has refused to enforce despite being ordered to do so by the Supreme Court of Arizona. This Proposition, which became the Law of the State of Arizona, clearly stated the will of the Voters of Arizona. No one is above The Law; however, the Executive Branch of this State has placed itself above this Law, by refusing to fully fund it. The Executive Branch has now placed before the Voters Proposition 123, which provides funding to the schools below the inflation adjusted 2008 funding. This Proposition has terms which the League cannot support. The Executive Branch has indicated that this is a “take it or leave it” deal. Therefore, The League of Women Voters of Arizona has taken a position in opposition to Proposition 123. Further, the League of Women Voters of Arizona stands for democracy and we agree with Winston Churchill whosaid,“.. .it is the people who control the Government not the Government the people.” We believe this attempt to force the voters to overturn a law they lawfully enacted by refusing to enforce it and forcing them to pass another proposition in its place disenfranchises them. Therefore, the League will ask the US Department of Justice to investigate this disenfranchisement.”  (from their FB page on March 29, emphasis is mine)

The special election on Prop. 123 is slated for May 17, 2016, so stay tuned for forums about this K-12  education funding proposition. One was recently held on March 29, 2016 by the Vail School District.  Campaign against Prop. 123 website is: http://www.noprop123.com/. AZ  State Treasurer Jeff DeWit also opposes Prop. 123 as well.

League of Women voters has issued two brochures to help explain how this Proposition would be funded.  Vote wisely one or before May 17.






  1. I am a retired public school teacher (TUSD) (13 years at Pueblo Gardens and 17 years at Blenman Elementary Schools) I also served 16 years on the Marana USD’s Governing Board. The League of Women Voters have hit the nail on the head. Prop 123 is smoke and mirrors and is disguised as a plus for school funding, when, in fact, it is negating Prop 300. It gives the State a Pass Go Card as the Governor tries to weasel out from under the AZ Supreme Court order to fully fund education. The Governor and his minions are seeking to take millions of dollars away from Public Education and give it to wealthier families to pay for tuitions to private or parochial schools thereby using your tax dollars as vouchers to fund private businesses and religious schools. This is unconstitutional. Please vote “NO” on Prop. 123 and force the State to follow the Court Order to fully fund public education. AZ has the money to do so.

  2. Thanks to the discussions on B4AZ, I’ll be voting No, the first time I’ve ever voted No on anything related to education.

    They’ve already started airing pro-123 commercials on TV, and they’re very misleading. I suspect this is going to pass unless we take massive action.

    Does anyone know if these folks are valid: http://www.noprop123.com

    I don’t have a lot of time right now, but I throw a few bucks in the kitty.

  3. The State has massive needs, but Il Duce and company are dreaming up Tax cuts, and giving away unknown amounts of revenue via private school subsidy vouchers, revenue this State cannot afford to give away. They then have played games via Prop 123. Ducey, Biggs and Gowan are lawless and need to be stopped. To them the Constitution is only a suggestion they can ignore as they wish.

    • The League of Women Voters usually does not take positions, but they did on this Proposition 123. Usually they hold forums to educate the public, as they did on March 19 in Tucson at the Joel D. Valdez Main Library on Prop. 123 (hosted by League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson). Morgan Abraham, Chair of the No on 123 campaign will be speaking at Democrats of Greater Tucson on April 25.

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