Leap Day 2016

What is Leap Day besides a extra calendar day once every four years?

According to Wikipedia: “There is a popular tradition known as Bachelor’s Day in some countries allowing a woman to propose marriage to a man on February 29. If the man refuses, he then is obliged to give the woman money or buy her a dress.”  

As a child I grew up hearing that Leap Day was the day that girls could ask guys out on dates, or take the initiative otherwise in dating. That didn’t happen a lot back then.

With the rise of feminism and gay rights, this is not much of an issue anymore.  The world is more equal now, at least here in the United States of America.

But today, you women could still go out & ask someone (a guy, another woman) to marry you, now that gay marriage and straight marriage are both allowed in America.  How times have changed…

I used to feel sorry for those born on February 29, as they don’t get to celebrate their birthdays every year, but then they are 4x younger than the rest of us. Maybe they age less too (lucky for them).

Leap Year is always Presidential Election year in the U.S. so don’t forget to mail back your early ballot for the Arizona PPE (Presidential Preference Election) coming up on March 22.

Enjoy Leap Day 2016.



One response to “Leap Day 2016

  1. Carolyn Classen

    One of my Facebook friends Patricia C. just posted this info about Leap Day:

    “This tradition is probably the best known and dates back to 5th Century Ireland when St Brigid allegedly struck a deal with St Patrick, allowing women to propose on February 29.”