Legendary Teacher Stories: “How to Catch a Swamp Frog”

Just heard about this new book written by retired Flowing Well Superintendent Dr. Nicholas Clement, about the legendary teachers he knew in his career.

From his website (www.legendaryteacher.com), a copy of the book cover and explanation about why this title is about swamp frogs:swampfrog

Go to the website for reviews, and info on how to purchase this book (for less than $12). At the Pima County Bd. of Supervisors meeting today, Dr. Clement said that all royalties for the book will go directly to a Tucson  nonprofit, for teachers to apply for $100 grants for their classrooms (starting 10/1/14). The book contains 10 stories of remarkable teachers.

Coming up on Thursday  September 25, Legendary Teacher Day.

I fondly remember my high school English teacher who was so inspiring and challenged us to read and enjoy T. S.  Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.”  I’m sure many of you have stories of your own legendary teachers. I also had a terrific high school math teacher, who gave us a love of mathematics as well.  Buy this book and read about others.

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