My State Representatives, Steve Farley and David Bradley, are two of the good guys. They do a heck of good job and are just damned good liberal Democrats with solid progressive values. I don’t mind that David is obsessed with the welfare of everyone’s kids and Steve with his trains; I think it’s charming, in fact.

And Steve is kind of freakishly into his job. His email Farleygrams are wonderfully informative, and he has a 100% perfect attendance and voting record—David’s is good, too, of course, but Steve’s a legislatin’ machine. We are getting every dime’s worth, and then some for the pittance we pay these guys.

If you want to subscribe to Steve’s Farleygrams, fill in your email:

I wish David were running clean so that I could encourage you to send him Clean Elections qualifying $5s… but he’s not, so just tell him you’d like to send him a little filthy lucre… but would rather be sending him Clean money.

Steve is running Clean and is now collecting his $5s. Download Steve’s Qualifying Contributions Form (PDF). You can only contribute qualifying $5s if you live in LD 28. If you don’t know what legislative district you live in, you can easily find out courtesy of our awesome Democratic Pima County Recorder, F. Ann Rodriguez.