Dear Arizona Voters

Petitioners will be submitting signatures for both the Invest in Ed and Second Chance Ballot Initiatives on Thursday, July 2, 2020.


Please click on the below link to find locations where you can go and sign the petitions for both initiatives.

As mentioned below in an article written on June 19, 2020: 

The Second Chance Initiative, if passed this November, would enable nonviolent prisoners to earn release credits towards leaving prison after serving 50 percent of their sentences, provide for sentencing reform for nonviolent offenders, and “establish a fund for victims of violent crime.”

The Invest in Ed initiative, if successful, would “generate about $940 million in additional funding for the state’s schools by charging a three-point five percent income tax surcharge on the families making $500,000 a year or individuals making $250,000.”

Non-Violent Prisoners do not deserve to needlessly rot in prison. It is better to transition them to return as productive members of society. The Second Chances Initiative will help accomplish that.

Arizona public schools desperately need funds to attract high-quality instructors, and school leaders, address the teacher shortage and provide innovative college and career ready programs for children. The Invest in Ed initiative will help provide a solution to remedy the funding shortfall Arizona schools have endured since 2008.

Please go out and help get these needed measures on the November ballot by July 2, 2020.

This is your chance to make Arizona better for this generation and the next.