Donald Trump may not see the importance of the daily intelligence briefs.

He apparently does not read them very much.


That is not the case with President-Elect Joe Biden.

Biden knows the importance of these daily documents and unlike his soon-to-be predecessor, he has and will read them.

Donald Trump is being a baby and will not let his eventual successor have access to the briefings.

Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris does not have access either.

While he acknowledged in his latest question and answer session with reporters that it is not critical at this point because he is not the President yet (he is also well versed from his experience in the Senate and as Vice President in Foreign Affairs,) the ability to have access to daily intelligence briefs will be essential as the new administration prepares to take power.

The current Administrations State Department has also blocked the Biden/Harris Transition team from having access to the communique from foreign leaders congratulating the new President-Elect.

Not a problem because these leaders, including Pope Francis and the Chinese leadership, just contacted the President-Elect directly.

Even Republican Senators, including Trump sycophants who are enabling his childish fascist behavior to contest an election he has lost, are calling for Biden to receive the intelligence briefings.

Donald Trump needs to start acting like all the other Presidential Candidates who have lost to an opponent.

He needs to be a man.

He needs to concede and make every opportunity for the new Administration to transition easily to power on January 20, 2020.

That is what Gerald Ford did for Jimmy Carter.

That is what Carter did for Reagan.

That is what Clinton did for Bush after the Florida recount.

That is what Bush did for Obama.

And it is what Obama did for Trump.

Did these Presidents like transitioning to new Administrations that they either lost to or belonged to a different political party or would (in Trump’s case,) be led by a person of questionable skill and character?

Of course not.

But these Presidents acted like men and Commanders in Chief. They displayed their value for the country and the American Ideal over themselves or the party they belonged to.

With 68 days to go until the end of his term. it is about time Trump learned that lesson and if he does not get it, then enabling Republicans, worried about the Georgia Senate runoff elections, should stop catering to his nonsensical whims, tell him he lost, and advise him to do what is best for the country for a change and start the transition process to the new Administration.