Let the Brewer/Goddard games begin!

by David Safier

It may not rank up there with March madness, and it'll take much longer to see who ends up with the most points on the Gubernatorial scoreboard (if the two decide to play in the tournament), but it looks like the Brewer/Goddard rivalry is beginning to go public.

The Arizona ELL controversy is at the Supreme Court, waiting for a hearing. Brewer wants Goddard to "lend his support to the private lawyers hired by Horne and the Republican legislative leaders." One of those private lawyers, by the way, is Ken Starr  of Clinton Special Prosecutor fame (Nine hundred bucks an hour, but cheap at the price if he can keep us from spending more money on those kids who refuse to speak English like real Americans [Sarcasm alert, for anyone new to the blog who thinks I'm an English Only guy.]).

Goddard's response?

Goddard, who has previously argued against asking the Supreme Court to step into the case, declined this week to comply with Brewer's request.

In a letter dated Monday, the attorney general said that it was his job, not Brewer's job, to direct the legal decisions for the state, and that his clients are Arizona and the State Board of Education, rather than Brewer, Horne or the Republican lawmakers.

0 responses to “Let the Brewer/Goddard games begin!

  1. One has to wonder why she thought he would agree to this in the first place, given his well known opposition to her agenda and his 2010 political ambitions.

    Would the guv stand to benefit in any way from his refusal?

  2. There certainly seem to be plenty of elected executive department officials that are not getting much support when it comes to their cohorts who are attorney elected executive department officials. Doesn’t matter whether that attorney is named Terry Goddard or Andrew Thomas, it is a curious circumstance.

  3. Also running around in front of Sam’s podium was this little kid called Terry, although tall for his age!

    I recall that as if it was yesterday.

    It was a time when Democrats recognized The United States Constitution as The Rule Of Law NOT the exception to the RULE!

  4. I recall standing in front of Sam Goddard in 1960 as he ran for Governor and that voice that sounded like what was described as God talking to Moses!

    We Democrats were meeting at The DeConcini building that housed Democratic Headquarters at Broadway and Tucson Blvd.

    We ran a great fight- to bad he lost the first run for Governor!

    Goddard owned East Lawn Cemetery and my family tried to buy it from him at the time. The family refused to sell it to me because I was not a Catholic.

    Later they sold it to a group headed by Pima County Supervisor Reg Morrison and now its owned by a conglomerate of casket companies and Funeral Homes owned by SCI a Texas Casket Company that bought up independent Funeral Homes around the Nation; now called “Dignity.”

    Alot of Arizona’s Great Representatives are buried at East Lawn today , and we tried to keep it locally owned.