This happens after every Presidential Election.

People play the cabinet and White House Staffing Speculation Game.


Who will be the White House Chief of Staff? The Secretary of State? The Attorney General?

Those and thousands of other positions will be decided by President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris in the coming weeks.

Please click below to read what various news sources think the likely cabinet and White House staff choices will be:

While these sources all contain a similar roster of well qualified and exceptional public servants, there are several likely scenarios that will govern whom the Biden/Harris Team picks to serve in the new Administration. These are:

  • Incumbent Democratic Senators like Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Chris Coons, and Bernie Sanders are probably not switching to the Executive Branch. The same holds for members of the House. Biden and Harris need to maintain Democratic strength in the Legislative Branch.
  • The Biden/Harris cabinet and White House Staff, unlike the Trump Administration, will look more like America.
  • More women will probably serve in the cabinet and White House staff than in any previous administration.
  • Ron Klain will probably be the next White House Chief of Staff.
  • Michele Flourney will probably be the next Secretary of Defense.
  • Susan Rice, because of likely Republican obstructionism, will probably not be nominated for Secretary of State.
  • Sally Yates, for the same reason as Susan Rice, will probably not get chosen for Attorney General.
  • The White House staff will probably be comprised of more progressives than the cabinet because the staff is not subject to the confirmation process.
  • Biden and Harris will pick one or two Republicans.

The above are all assumptions. There are several other possibilities that would be just as valid and plausible.

It is now a wait and see who President-Elect and Vice President-Elect chooses.

Let the speculation games begin.