Let us now praise the Arizona legislature


by David Safier

I want to say this right here on dependably progressive/liberal/lefty BfA. Gov. Brewer joined together with a handful of Republicans and Democrats to do the right thing for Arizona. Brewer, it turns out, is the only Republican governor with a majority Republican legislature to pass Medicaid expansion. We can slice and dice her reasons all we want, but, well, she done good, and so did the Republicans who incurred the wrath of their colleagues by joining her and the Democrats to pass this important, humane legislation — which, by the way, also brings lots of money into the state.

Generally cynical and satirical EJ Montini (whose cynicism and satire I enjoy immensely) broke from his usual poking and prodding to capture the moment, saying Arizona is an inspiration to the nation, an example of what can happen, and should happen more frequently.

I’m about to say something I never, ever could have imagined myself saying:

The President of the United States and Congress could learn a thing or two from Arizona’s governor and legislature.

Something good.

Something wonderfully American.

In order to pass Medicaid expansion Gov. Jan Brewer needed to put aside her heartfelt disagreement with the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Once the law passed and was upheld by the Supreme Court, the governor had a decision to make.

She had to move forward with the Medicaid expansion, which will bring billions of federal dollars to Arizona and will provide health care for thousands of our less fortunate brothers and sisters, or she could have been ideologically stubborn and snubbed the program.

She opted for expansion.

She chose to do the humane rather than the political thing.


  1. Agreed, Bruce. Obama can’t make this kind of thing happen by being a nice guy or a superhero. But what we saw here was Republicans breaking ranks and doing something for the greater good. We could use more of that on immigration, gun regulations, court appointments, and on and on.

  2. While this is good news on the Arizona front, dear God no more blather about how if The President could just don his Green Lantern suit, and work with Democrats and moderate Republicans to get things passed.

    This is what he’s done since Jan 22nd 2009… And it just doesn’t work. Just look at judge nominations. Judges who get 98-0 votes in the senate wait years to get out of committee, because of an open strategy on the part of the GOP to run out the clock on Obamas presidency? When appointing judges to fill vacancies is called “packing the bench”?