Let’s get the Post Office story straight


by David Safier

Dear Media,

Whenever you do a story saying Saturday mail delivery may be canceled because the Post Office is massively in debt and going broke, please add something to this effect:

"Republicans created an artificial Post Office debt crisis by writing a law saying the agency has to fund its retiree health care and pension benefits for 75 years into the future. Without that legislation, the Post Office would be basically breaking even."

If you want to go further, you can mention that no other government agency and no private company attempts to fund its retirement benefits 3 generations into the future. Then you might ask, "Why would Republicans put such a ridiculous stipulation in place?" And you might answer, "Because Republicans hate government and love profit, so it's a twofer: make a functional government agency look dysfunctional and drive its services into the private sector where people will have to pay more money for poorer service."

Maybe those in the MSM who add this information to your stories (some reporters do) can put a Post It note on the newsroom wall so other reporters don't forget this important bit of information.

A humble blogger who tries to keep up on the news, even when it's not adequately reported.


  1. I hate paying debt! I love the Democrats, because my debts will now be paid by someone who’s actually working!

  2. Killing the myths and requiring accuracy of our legislator’s opinions and actions is a full-time job!!!!!

  3. The media shosuld also note the fact that the post office is NOT funded through taxes — and hasn’t been for about 30 years.

  4. Thanks, so true. Strangely enough, I have two neighbors who work for the postal service, and they are Republican. Go figure.

    (PS Dave, The preview button still eats comments the first time you preview. I’ve learned to save then preview. Needs fixin’.)