Lieberman For Governor Campaign Unveils Arizona’s Future Promise Scholarship Plan and a New Ad

It has been a busy week for the Aaron Lieberman Gubernatorial Campaign.

First, at an April 26 event at Pima Community College, the former Legislative District 28 State Representative unveiled the latest educational component of his Let’s Grow Arizona agenda, a college scholarship program for high school graduates called Arizona’s Future Promise Scholarship Program.

The Campaign had earlier released plans on increasing teacher salaries and Universal Pre K for four year olds.

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A $200 million dollar proposal, Mr. Lieberman’s plan calls for qualifying students to be able to apply for scholarships to either a four or two year college.

The qualifications for interested students are:

  • To be an Arizona resident.
  • To have graduated from an Arizona high school program (either the traditional fashion, obtaining a GED, or achieving the home school equivalent.)
  • Apply to a recognized and accredited Arizona University or community college.
  • Maintain a 2.5 G.P.A.
  • Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and Arizona’s Future Promise Scholarship Program applications.

If implemented, the program will start out serving 10,000 students who follow the traditional learning route its first year and eventually grow to 40,000 after four. Students can apply for either a $2500 scholarship to a two year college or $5,000 to a four year college/university.

There would also be an opportunity for 3,000 students who took a non traditional learning direction to apply for a scholarship to a two year college.

Calling this “the perfect example of the type of investment we should be making with the massive surplus we are generating right now,”  Mr. Lieberman stressed that this is not just about four year degrees. It is an opportunity for interested students to receive a free or more affordable career and technical education with apprenticeship opportunities, noting that “a big part of Arizona’s economic future depends on our ability to get people to and through higher education. That we want to continue to be a leader in economic growth, we must have an educated and skilled workforce that is prepared to meet the demands of the emerging professions.”

Promise Whitesheet

The Lieberman for Governor Campaign Releases a New Campaign Ad.

Later in the week, the campaign released a new campaign ad where Mr. Lieberman called Arizona’s politics “a dumpster fire.”

In the ad, he condemns Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake for appearing at rallies with Neo Nazis.

He also found fault with fellow Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Katie Hobbs for her involvement in the Talonya Adams case.

Mr. Lieberman closed by stating:

“Look, we’ve got a state to run. Schools to strengthen. Jobs to create. That’s what I do best. I’ve got a plan to fix our schools and create thousands of good jobs. As Governor, I’ll be focused on solving problems, not making them worse.”

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  1. I expect Mr. Lieberman would be a very good governor, but the “dumpster fire”ad is just awful. People paying less than full attention to the ad (which would be almost everyone) will only come away with the association of Lieberman with dumpster fire. When you hear “don’t think of an elephant”, you think of an elephant (see Lakoff, George). I hope that Mr. Lieberman gets better advice for his future communications.

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