Lincoln Project Has a Field Day on Fox News, Trump, and Family Values Hyprocrites

From You Tube.

Leave it to the Lincoln Project to produce ads that get to the heart of the matter on MAGA and Family Value Conservative hypocrisy.

Over the last two days, the organization has broadcast two stellar ads called “Senile” and “OK Coupid.”

In “Senile,” the Project creators envision an alternative universe where FOX News goes after Mr. Trump for being out of touch, senile, and inept: all of the attributes they are trying to brand Joe Biden with.

It is really funny to watch the Lincoln Project take excerpts from Fox television personalities belittling an unnamed Presidential candidate and substituting images of Trump, at his gaffe best, to fit the commentary they are uttering.

The second ad, “OK Coupid” points out the blatant hypocrisy of South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and Trump-Noem advisor and resident creep Corey Lewandowski spewing their vocal beliefs in faith, family values, and conservative principles after it was revealed that the two of them have apparently been cheating on their spouses by having an affair since 2019.

I can not wait for the ad the Project produces on fellow MAGA hypocrite Lauren Boebert who was asked to leave a theater for vaping and engaging in affectionate acts with someone not her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Stay Tuned.