Lock your Love on Fourth Avenue on Valentine’s Day



Happy Valentine’s Day to all those in love on February 14, 2015.  Purchase a lock and head over to 4th Avenue to “lock your love” on one of the 4 heart-shaped HeART sculptures (see photo below).

“Love on the Avenue” 
Spend Valentines with 4th Ave merchants! Special events, guest artists, Live music, the best keepsakes and gifts, a grand prize package to be won, romantic candle lit dinners, art installation,Pastries and desserts, cocktails! From the gift, to dinner, to a beautiful expression of love- 4th ave is the best place to come with your love!

More about Fourth Avenue shopping district at http://www.fourthavenue.org/

For over a hundred years sweethearts have been symbolizing their devotion to each other by locking a padlock to a bridge, fence, gate, or any public fixture and tossing away the key.  Inscribing their names on the padlocks ensured that their love would be locked forever.  Join us Saturday, February 14th on 4th avenue for the debut of our HeART locks sculptures to house your locks of love.  Adoring couples will have the opportunity to spend Valentine’s Day on the Avenue, and be the first in the community to lock their love on 4th Ave.

one of the lock your love heart sculptures on 4th Avenue

one of the lock your love HeART sculptures on 4th Avenue (created by Mike Torres)

(When placing your locks, aim for the sculptures, because locks placed elsewhere are likely to be removed. When a sculpture becomes full- they will become a display in Haggerty plaza.)

 There are 4 HeART sculptures on 4th Ave, with activities around them, and locks can be bought from non-profits ($5 minimum donation to the charity) and decorated with oil based pens. Putting your names on the locks lets you revisit the locks and see your lock on the sculpture in the future.

Our guest community non-profits are:
Hermitage Cat Shelter (Haggerty Plaza)
She’s First (Antigone Books)
Friends of Reid Park (Chocolate Iguana)
Mini Miracles  (Delectables)

If the idea of securing your love is not enough there will also be four golden locks.  Whichever lucky Valentine finds the keys to unlock these golden locks will receive an amazing prize.  One of the four locks will represent a grand prize. If you unlock a golden lock, bring the lock to the 4th Ave table in Haggerty Plaza. All of our merchants have come together for this first event and have donated their goodies to make it a truly grand prize.

For some, Valentines is “Singles Awareness Day” and you will have fun on 4th Ave too! Even if you have no significant other come down, listen to live music, and get a key to test your luck with one of the golden locks.

Participating Merchants will be passing out Valentine’s Day cards out with keys on them as a “perk” for customers. (Free Valentines can be acquired from FAMA as well while supplies last)  One of those keys will be the lucky winner of a grand prize package!

 Join us Valentine’s Day in the heart of the city on 4th avenue to show your true love how awesome and fun you really are.  Leave behind a lasting symbol of love and take away memories that you will treasure forever

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day 2015. Hurry and get that lock for today’s 4th Avenue heART sculptures on 4th Avenue. I hear there are 5 NEW sculptures to look for on the avenue to lock your lock onto. Locks will also be on sale for shoppers in love, for only $5.