Looks like the recall elections of two Sunnyside board members is on


by David Safier

According to a few Facebook posts, it looks like the necessary signatures were collected to force recall elections of Sunnyside School District board members Louie Gonzalez and Bobby Garcia. The back story is, Gonzalez and Garcia were two of the three board members who voted to extend Superintendent Isquierdo's contract until 2016. After that, some unhappy residents began the recall process. They didn't attempt to recall Eva Dong, the third Yes vote, because she's up for election in 2014.

The petitions were due today. The word is, over 2,000 signatures each were handed in, and they need 1,345 valid signatures to trigger the election.

In a reaction to this recall drive, others started recall petitions against Daniel Hernandez and Buck Crouch, who voted against Isquierdo's contract extension. Those aren't due for another month.