Louisiana Senator Proposes Openly Racist Amendment Kicking Ex-Cons Off Food Stamps


2013-02-24 16.52.23by Pamela Powers Hannley

Many of us are wise to the racist private prison pipeline for people of color in the US. Black men have been incarcerated at higher rates than white men for decades. Thanks harsh immigration laws, brown men and women now make up the highest proportion of our federal prison system.

To add insult to injury, Senator Vitter has proposed an amendment to the farm bill which would prohibit anyone convicted of a crime from ever receiving food stamps during their lifetimes.

So, a 19-year-old man who serves prison time and returns to society rehabilitated would never be allowed to get subsidized food while he is trying to rebuild his life. What is his likely course of action? More crime? It could happen.

This amendment is openly racist. The only benefit would be to the private prison industry.

Read more about this in this story from Colorlines. Then call Senators Flake and McCain.