MAGA Republicans, By Abandoning Their Own Border Deal, Prove Again They Are Not For the American People and Law and Order

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We have played a variation of this song before.

In 2009/10, the Democrats, in order to get a bipartisan health care plan through Congress, largely adopted the provisions of the Massachusetts Romneycare (as in Governor, now Utah Senator Mitt Romney) for a national model.

Republicans opposed it anyway and have never come up with a viable alternative to sell to the American People.

In 2014, the United States Senate passed on a bipartisan margin a comprehensive immigration plan that contained strong measures for border security and a pathway to citizenship for dreamers and other qualifying individuals in the country illegally.

Tea Party Republicans (the forerunners of the MAGA cult) in the House of Representatives along with the rightwing media echo chamber blasted the bipartisan deal and the best chance to provide comprehensive immigration reform in a generation died.

Thanks to Republicans with braces on their brains with regards to solving public policy issues.

Fast forward to today and Senate Republicans, worried about the ire of Donald ‘I was endorsed twice by former KKK Leader David Duke’ Trump and realizing that MAGA Republicans in the House were not on board with another bipartisan immigration security bill coupled with a foreign aid package, voted against their own legislation that they negotiated in apparent bad faith.

They voted against this measure despite it having the backing of the Border Patrol Union and the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board.

So much for being for law and order.

Only four Republicans voted to proceed to debate the foreign aid-border security bill: Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, and the lead Republican negotiator on this measure, James Lankford (whose own state party threw him under the bus on a censure motion for doing his job.)

Now Democrats in the Senate are trying to pass a bipartisan foreign aid bill minus the border security provisions. Republican Senators like Lindsay Graham, who once said the legislation with the border security components were the best deal Republicans were going to get with Democrats ever (he still voted against the bill today,) said his support on getting the foreign aid bill was contingent on he and his colleagues being able to propose amendments on…wait for it…border security.

What chutzpah.

With the latest bait and switch backstabbing political ploy, MAGA Republicans have proven yet again that they are the true enemies of the American People and law and order.

Like most of the American People need anymore convincing.

This position, along with their failed and inept quest to impeach the Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, has just added to a long ledger of MAGA attacks on the American People including taking away reproductive freedom and women’s health care options, suppressing the right to vote, fighting against LGBTQ rights, banning books, distorting history education, and catering domestic terrorists (including the twice impeached President) who encouraged and stormed the Nation’s Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Democrats from Joe Biden to every Senator and House Member/Candidate are going to have a political field day linking Republicans to their opposition to border security and betrayal of the American People’s trust.

The President and his team have already gone on the attack.

Yesterday, Mr. Biden speaking from the White House, vowed to speak everyday from now until the election on how Donald ‘Mexico did not pay for the wall I did not totally build’ Trump stopped the best chance at a border security bill just so he could use it as a campaign issue.

Among the Presidents comments:

“…This agreement represents the most fair, humane reforms in our immigration system in a long time and the toughest set of reforms to secure our border ever. Now, all indications are that this bill won’t even move forward to the Senate floor. Why? A simple reason. Donald Trump. Because Donald Trump thinks it’s bad for him politically, even though it helps the country, he’s not for it. He’d rather weaponize this issue than actually solve it. So, for the last 24 hours, he’s done nothing, I’m told but reach out to Republicans in the House and the Senate and threaten them and try to intimidate to vote against this proposal. It looks like they’re caving. Frankly, they owe it to the American People to show some spine and do what they know to be right…”

Unfortunately for the country, these Republicans, like the spineless appeasers who humored Mussolini and Hitler in the 1930’s, put a twice impeached and 91 time indicted twice popular vote loser over the interests of the American People.

The Biden/Harris Campaign wasted no time tattooing this betrayal of the nation’s interests on Trump, posting the below post on social media:

Expect more ads like this and other ways Trump and MAGA Republicans have failed the American People.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer echoed President Biden in his remarks yesterday that it was Trump and the spineless appeasing “180 degree” reversal MAGA Republicans that were to blame for the defeat of border security, saying the Republican Senators were “quaking at the knees at the fear of Donald Trump.”

As reported by the New York Times, Democratic House Leader Hakeem Jeffries offered:

“Republicans have been ordered by Donald Trump not to solve the challenges at the border, but to continue to play political games, because they want to use the border as an electoral issue in November. And that’s going to backfire. The Republicans thought they set a border trap for Democrats, and they fell into it themselves.”

Voters should not be fooled by MAGA Republican pretensions that they are for border security. Their sabotage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2014 and this border security measure proves that.

Voters should also not be swayed that Donald Trump and his MAGA sycophants will put America First.

The only person the gullible MAGA movement puts first is Donald Trump and they are too stupid to realize it.

Remember that when it is time to vote this November.

3 thoughts on “MAGA Republicans, By Abandoning Their Own Border Deal, Prove Again They Are Not For the American People and Law and Order”

  1. Whelp, the Republicans just tanked their main 2024 talking point.

    So that’s good news.

    Those little stickers with Joe Biden pointing at the price per gallon and saying “I did that” the MAGAts were using to vandalize private property are now showing a smilin’ Biden pointing at gas under 3 bucks a gallon.

    I paid $2.59 a gallon with some Safeway rewards the other day. Record employment and inflation coming down.

    The economic outlook is not on their side.

    A montage of GQP’ers screaming about the border crisis, then voting against doing anything, should have already been mocked up by the DNC.

    One ad to rule them all.

    Okay, two ads, the other showing Boebert’s theater handy but with Putin’s head superimposed on her date’s body while she juggles his baby-maker, with captions for the number of children dead and kidnapped by Russia and some fast cuts of Tucker Carlson cheering on an actual KGB agent as the KGB agent trashes America.

    Family values party of Patriots my curvy white ass.

    If this isn’t already posted in the DNC’s DropBox folder ready for airing there needs to be a shareholder lawsuit against the DNC.

    Oops, I meant voter lawsuit. The shareholder thing was one of those Freudian slips.

    Really, hire me DNC, I’m millions cheaper than the grifter’s at The Lincoln Project and can create content just as F’n OBVIOUS.

    Let’s not do the Pokemon Go to the Polls thing again. Please.

    2024 should be a layup all the way down the ballot. Better be.

  2. The immigration proposal was considered dangerous by the ACLU and would have resulted in mass deportations and people not receiving due process for asylum claims. Az politicians like Gallego and Stanton who voted for it should be ashamed and should lose votes in Nov. for allowing the wingnut republicans to inadvertently represent the majority of democrats’ priorities better than they did! The majority of us dont want to see Israel receive more military aid to continue its genocide, and we believe that immigrants with asylum claims should be afforded due process to have those claims heard. Of COURSE thats not what republicans intended to say with their no votes—they were playing political games. But the democrats who had the huevos to vote against it were probably doing so because it throws palestinians and all immigrants under the bus and was a cruel piece of legislation.
    Of course another way to analyze all of your examples is that every time the dems go weak in the knees and try to “ meet the whackos in the middle”, the whackos reject the very proposals they originally proposed. A different democratic party might imagine that its a better straregy to reach out to those who are more progressive for policy ideas and stick to those instead of trying to bait the wingnuts into policies, like this one, that are antithetical to supposed Democratic values.

    • “A different democratic party might imagine that its a better straregy to reach out to those who are more progressive…”

      A great idea but it doesn’t look like that will happen until the 20th century relics who run the Democratic party are on the other side of the grass or resting in urns on someone’s mantle. Perhaps not even then if they’re being replaced by younger people who compromise democratic values to get ahead and the relatively few progressive voices are silenced.

      I don’t know what it takes to change that.


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