During a visit to Arizona in October, Vice President Mike Pence said that Mr. Trump and he would visit the Grand Canyon state “a lot” in 2020.

Think about that.


The Republican Vice President said he and the Republican President would spend a lot of time in Arizona in a move to secure the state’s ten electoral votes in the 2020 elections.

This shows how concerned the Republicans are about winning Arizona in 2020.

Bill Clinton was the last Democrat to win Arizona in 1996. Before him, it was Harry Truman in 1948.

Donald Trump only won the state by three and a half percent in 2016.

According to reporters from AZ Central, Republicans are already planning earlier than expected for this election cycle.


Because political observers around the country realize that Arizona, especially with the gains made by Democrats in the state and local elections in 2018 and the pivotal 2020 Senate race between Martha McSally and Mark Kelly, is now a purple state.

Maricopa County, in particular, has been cited by news outlets like NBC’s  Meet the Press, as one of several counties to watch on Election Night.


Because, as the reporters at AZ Central have relayed in their recent piece, “How new Arizona residents have turned the state purple — and made it a key battleground in 2020,” changing demographics and frustrations with Mr. Trump in the state, particularly Maricopa County, have shifted the state from solid red to purple. Specifically, the writers cite the following reasons for their findings:

  • In the last election cycle, Democratic high turnout made some Republican voting precincts “purple” and some Democratic ones “bluer.”
  • An increase in the numbers of voting age and enthusiastic Hispanic Voters.
  • Higher turnout in the urban counties of Maricopa and Pima in 2018 compared to 2014. Running up the numbers in the rural counties may not suffice for the Republicans in 2020.
  • Maricopa County has been the highest growing county in the nation for the last three years.
  • Hillary Clinton’s carrying the Southeast portion of Maricopa County.
  • Greater enthusiasm for Democrats to turn out than Republicans.

Commenting on the findings in the AZ Central Piece, Arizona Democratic Party Spokesperson Matt Grodsky wrote:

“Arizonans are ready to elect leaders who will take on powerful corporate interests, lower prescription drug costs, invest in education and put people first in Congress and our state legislature. And Arizona Democrats are ready to organize, register new voters, and campaign all across our state to make that happen in 2020.”

Edder Martinez, the Communications Director of the Maricopa County Democratic Party, commented that:

“Maricopa County has shown signs of growing a deeper shade of blue since 2016. While it was not a good year for Democrats nationally, it was a great year for Maricopa County Democratic candidates. Out of a total of nine candidates, SIX candidates won their races – including Adrian Fontes and Paul Penzone.”

“In 2020, we’re seeing more and more Independents and Republicans not only re-register as Democrats, but they are also becoming Precinct Committee Members (PCs), elected members of the Democratic Party. MCDP now has a record-breaking number of PCs with over 1,600. This number is unprecedented. That, coupled with our record number of countywide candidates, indicates the excitement and momentum for Democrats in 2020.”

Janet Wilson, the Democratic Chair of Arizona Legislative District 20 (an area that election watchers expect may shift blue in one or more seats), stated that:

“It’s nice to see the fruits of our labor come to fruition and being recognized in Legislative District 20 (LD20) with the most Trump to Sinema flips in AZ for the 2018 election, as the AZ Republic article points out. We worked very hard in 2018 and will continue to work at least as hard to continue this momentum by informing voters and getting them out to vote for the 2020 election – we do this by focusing on local politics. We don’t target our conversations with one demographic over another as ALL voters are important in LD20. I’m very excited about the future of our state and expect to see more wins achieved with LD20’s help.”

All elections are important.

The elections in 2020 are vital because the direction of the country and the state is at stake.

Whether it is voting for the next President, changing the balance of power in the United States Senate, or giving Democrats control of one or both legislative chambers in the Arizona State Legislature, it is imperative that voters inform themselves about the candidates and the issues, turn out, and vote for every single office and initiative on the ballot.

Only when informed voters actively participate can Democracy and Republics flourish.

Maricopa County is an Election Hot Spot in 2020.

Arizona is a battleground state.

People will be watching the residents of Arizona, and specifically, the populace of  Maricopa County, to see what direction the people want to steer the Grand Canyon state and nation towards.