1. Finchem, at least as pictured here, seems to not only copy Trump’s racism, he’s sporting and early onset Trump comb-over as well.

    I am also a follicle challenged American, so I can mock him for this.

    Mark, I make sure to tell my barber “no comb-over”, because I’m a man, I’m balding like a man.

    Do I miss those days of yore, when I had a mane of hair like Jim Morrison?

    Sure, but I don’t let it define me, I’m still a badass.

    Mark, a comb-over is a sign of insecurity that all the world can see.

    Be a man, Mark.

    And before anyone says “oooh, look, a liberal mocking someone’s appearance”, I would refer you to your cult leader Don Trump’s Twitter feed.

  2. It should be the top priority to get rid of the entire voucher program and bury it where it won’t appear again. Voters made it clear they do not want vouchers. I know Betsy DeVos, and Cathi Herrod won’t listen to the majority of Arizonans on anything, but they can fund one by themselves. Remember Finchem “won” election over very qualified and positive people. Shame on those who voted for this person. Send him back to Michigan to live in DeVos’s house.

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