Trump Republicans in Arizona and their reactionary-election denying-fact illiterate-white nationalist- backward surrogates have been running some ads making it sound like Mark Kelly is doing the wrong thing by voting with the Biden/Harris Agenda 94 percent of the time. 

It is important for readers to see these decisions, when one looks at the issues brought up to a vote before the Senate, were actually good for Arizonans and the American People.


Readers should also realize that Kyrsten Sinema also votes with the Biden/Harris agenda 94 percent of the time.

These are the votes Senator Mark Kelly took that have helped fellow Arizonans and the American People.

  • Supporting the Prescription Drug Benefit.
  • Investing in Green Sustainable Energy Programs will help combat climate change and create many high-paying blue and green-collar jobs.
  • The CHIPS Act will help the semiconductor industry in Arizona and the country, creating many high-paying jobs.
  • Expanding health care for veterans plagued by exposure to burning pits.
  • Increased gun safety regulations will help law enforcement and save lives.
  • Confirming Ketanji Brown Jackson to the United States Supreme Court.
  • Supporting the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law which will help modernize Arizona’s roads, airports, bridges, water pipes, and broadband. This will create many high-paying blue and green-collar jobs.
  • Funding Capitol Police.
  • Expanding and protecting voting rights.
  • The American Rescue Plan provided Coronavirus vaccines, funded law enforcement and first responders, helped schools and local government, assisted small businesses, increase access to health care assistance, and gave enhanced unemployment assistance.

These votes will result in helping lift Arizonans and all Americans up and move the Grand Canyon state and the country forward.

Kelly’s support for these measures falls in line with the many measures highlighted here and elsewhere that Democrats have done, with little to no widespread Republican support in most cases, to help the country navigate through the Coronavirus and the economic and international tensions that surfaced during and afterward.

Voters should not be asking Senator Kelly why he supported the Biden/Harris Administration 94 percent of the time.

They should be asking the Republicans why they did not support the President 94 percent of the time.

They should be asking Republicans why did most of them, including all of Arizona’s House Republican Delegation, not support these popular measures that help the people and the country.

They should be asking why do most of you not want to:

  • Help women after they are victimized by rapists?
  • Protect and expand voting rights.
  • Help veterans hurt in the line of duty.
  • Fund law enforcement.
  • Help the poor and middle class.
  • Help the Ukrainians against the Russians.
  • Expand and protect the Semiconductor Industry in Arizona and the country.
  • Make sure the water we drink and the air we breathe are safe and clean.
  • Rebuild the state and country’s roads, waterpipes, airports, seaports, bridges, and broadband.
  • Lower drug prices for seniors.
  • Reduce the deficit.

Voters should also be asking why murders are highest in the states they run. They should also ask them why they are mounting campaigns against members of the LGBTQ Community. They should also be forced to explain why they want to ban books and teach a distorted version of history, like Nazis and Communists, in schools.

Republicans, not Mark Kelly, have a lot of explaining to do and voters should be demanding answers from them.

They should also remember how these Republicans voted against them and return the favor by ousting them at the ballot box on November 8, 2022.