Mark Kelly Rips ‘Extremist’ Kari Lake a New One

Incumbent senior US Senator Mark Kelly (left) denounced Kari Lake, a MAGA Republican who is opposing US Congressman Ruben Gallego (right) in the race for the junior US Senate seat.

“It’s actually happening — a clear and present danger to our democracy will be on the Arizona ballot in 2024,” said senior US Senator Mark Kelly in a letter to supporters. “I’m not referring to Donald Trump, though I could be. I’m talking about election-denier Kari Lake, who announced she is running for Senate in Arizona.”

Kelly’s condemnation supports Congressman Ruben Gallego (D-CD3) who is running against Lake. (Kelly is not up for re-election for another five years.)

A MAGA wannabe, Kari Lake is a one-issue candidate: election denial. She has been wasting the Arizona courts’ time for 55 weeks, repudiating the will of the 1,270,774 people who voted against her in the November 8, 2022, election — and losing again and again and again.

“That’s Kari Lake in a nutshell: an extremist with no regard for the truth and contempt for the Constitution. We cannot let her become Arizona’s next United States Senator. Not on our watch,” Kelly said.

Although the election for the junior Senate position is a year away, most polls predict Gallego will beat Lake in 2024. Gallego’s extensive legislative career includes:

  • 2023-present: U.S. Representative from Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District
  • 2015-2023: U.S. Representative from Arizona’s 7th Congressional District
  • 2010-2014: Arizona House of Representatives
Trump and his gal-pal Kari Lake are both losers and election deniers.

In contrast, Lake has no record. She’s an ex-TV news reader who never served in public office. She has the endorsement of would-be dictator Trump and the NRA.

“Kari Lake is far out of step with the views of most Arizonans who believe in the principles of democracy and freedom. There’s her election denialism, of course. But there’s also her opposition to abortion rights. Her opposition to voting rights. Her opposition to supporting Ukraine,” Kelly said.

Gallego is among 10 Democrats who have declared their candidacies. Eleven Republicans including Lake have declared their candidacies.

“So everything is on the line in this election,” Kelly said. “In November 2024 Arizona could decide the future of our democracy.”

Kelly closed with a quote from President Biden: “Democracy means rule of the people, not rule of monarchs, not rule of the monied, not rule of the mighty. Regardless of party, that means respecting free and fair elections and accepting the outcome, win or lose. It means you can’t love your country only when you win.”

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  2. After Dems sweep the 2024 elections, Gallego must sponsor legislation to study AZ’s water and air to pinpoint the source of MAGA moron whack-a-doodlery mental illness. I would start with Lakes, ponds and creeks and expand to include Kaves where piles of bat guano produce toxic GQP brain damaged trumpvirus carrying rats.

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